aatkal thevai
tamil film

Aatkal Thevai is a Tamil movie released on 5 Feb, 2021. The movie is directed by Sakthee Sivan and featured Sakthee Sivan, Easan Natarajan and Mime Gopi as lead characters.
Based on a true story the movie shows the crime of drug facilitated sexual assault by politicians and gangs.
Shakthi Sivan, who is a photographer, is in love with heroine Anu. Four prominent figures in the town where they live abduct women, give them drugs and sexually assault them. There are also complaints to the police about missing women. The women withdraw the complaint after returning home as it is considered a disgrace. In this case, the heroine is abducted. Knowing this, Shakti Shiva tells Lollusaba Jeeva who is a policeman. He says a lot of complaints like this have come and gone. Hearing this, Shakti tries to save Anu by getting the details of the case from Shiva to Jeeva. Did the hero Shakti Shiva save the heroine in the end? Who are the important personalities in the city? Is the rest of the story of the film.


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