aavathum pennale azhivathum pennale
aavathum pennale azhivathum pennale tamil film

Aavathum Pennale Azhivathum Pennale (Eng: Women are the Reason for Rise and Demise) is a 1996 Tamil-language crime film directed by Senthilnathan. The film stars C. Arunpandian, Mansoor Ali Khan and Jayabharathi. The film, produced by Tamil Fathima, had musical score by Bala Bharathi and was released on 17 May 1996.
The film begins with the murder of a reputed heart surgeon Dr. Charles (Vijay Krishnaraj (alias) R Krishnan). The next day, Sivalingam (Manivannan) is killed by a mysterious person. His wife, Chandra (Jayabharathi), is a corrupt and influential politician who supplies weapons to the terrorists. The mysterious person warns Chandra that he will continue to kill them. Antony (C. Arunpandian), an honest police officer, is charged to protect Chandra. Soon, Antony finds out that the killer was none other than Chandra’s son-in-law and his best friend Prabhakaran (Mansoor Ali Khan).
In a flashback, Prabhakaran fell in love with and married Chandra’s daughter Lakshmi (Rajashree). He lived happily with his mother (C. R. Vijayakumari), his wife Lakshmi and his son in Chandra’s house. One day, his mother witnessed the murder of a CBI officer by Chandra, and Chandra poisoned her. Antony and Prabhakaran decide to team up to punish the heartless Chandra.

Directed by Senthilnathan
Written by K. C. Thangam (dialogues)
Screenplay by Senthilnathan
Story by Ibrahim Rowther
Produced by Tamil Fathima
Starring C. Arunpandian, Mansoor Ali Khan, Jayabharathi
Cinematography Rajarajan
Edited by G. Jeyachandran
Music by Bala Bharathi
Production Tamilannai Cine Creation
Release date 17 May 1996
Running time 130 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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