adhyan tamil movie
adhyan tamil movie

Have you ever experienced the effects of jet lag? That terrible feeling when you are sleep-deprived and uneasy. It’s a familiar feeling for someone who has travelled across different time zones. And this is exactly what the lead character of Adhyan (Abhimanyu Nallamuthu) goes through. Directed by Ram Manoj Kumar, the film begins with an interesting plot.
The performance by Adhyan also convinces you. However, the treatment of it’s narrative is predictable and loaded with cliches. Adhyan arrives in Chennai, from Japan, in search of this girl (Sakshi Agarwal) who he has met online. But things go topsy-turvy when he begins to suffer from jet lag. A group of gangsters take advantage of this situation and decide to frame him for a fake encounter. Will he still be able to meet his lover? Will he overcome his medical condition? That forms the plot of Adhyan.
The film starts off as a love story, and going by the narration, we were sure that it would be accompanied by duets and dance sequences starring the lead pair. But here’s the twist. We are then taken to an apartment that’s said to be haunted! And here you start wondering if the romantic film is going to turn into a horror film. Sadly, this is not the case! The film is a thriller in the form of a love story, and the horror factor is only an additional element, that has no bearing on the plot. Maybe, the film-makers should’ve stuck to doing justice to one genre only.
One of the noteworthy aspects of the film is the climax. The Thai boxing stunt sequence, performed by Adhyan, is very good. The real strength of this film, however, is the cinematography, which impresses even where the script falters.

Director: Ram Manoj Kumar
Genre: Action
Cast & Crew: Abhimanyu Nallamuthu, Sakshi Agarwal


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