bagavathi tamil movie
bagavathi tamil movie

Bagavathi is a 2002 Tamil movie directed by A. Venkatesh, which features Vijay and Reemma Sen in the leading roles. Vadivelu, K. Vishwanath, Yugendran and Ashish Vidyarthi play other supporting roles, while Deva composed the music for the film. The movie was dubbed in Telegu with the same title.
Bagavathi (Vijay) owns a tea shop cum hotel near the Chennai High court. He lives with the aim of bringing up his younger brother Guna (Jai) as a doctor. He meets a modern girl called Anjali (Reemma Sen) while giving her a refill. She doesn’t know that the refill is valuable for Bagavathy and so casually throws it away. He admonishes her for that and with the help of a receptionist gets it back. Anjali initially thinks that he is stingy but later when she sees him helping a lady whose daughter has gone into labour and was subsequently beaten up by a policeman she gains respect for him. Soon Bagavathy finds out that Anjali is the daughter of a Judge who is his friend.
Guna has a girlfriend named Priya with whom he accidentally develops a physical relationship. Guna hides this news from his brother. Guna’s love is objected by Priya’s father Easwarapandiyan (Ashish Vidyarthi) who fears for the loss of his status and name in society. Soon, during a college function, some goons sent by Easwarapandiyan beat up Guna. Bagavathy finds him and takes him to hospital and asks the help of his friend Anand (Yugendran Vasudevan Nair) to safeguard his brother from the atrocities of Easwarapandiyan.
In an attempt to fulfill his brother’s wish, Bagavathy tries to convince Priya’s father to let her and Guna marry. Easwarapandiyan humilitates him by asking him to polish his shoes. Bagavathy does so but despite that Easwarapandiyan says that Guna will die. Guna attempts to marry Priya even without the knowledge of his brother. But Priya’s father collapses the marriage and Guna is killed in front of Bagavathy. Anand is also killed after trying to defend Guna.
Guna, in his last moments, promises that he will be with his brother forever. After Guna’s death, everyone comes to know Priya is pregnant due to the accidental relationship with Guna earlier. Bagavathi is reminded of his brother’s last words and thinks his brother is going to be born again. Meanwhile, to protect his social status, Priya’s father attempts to kill the child before it is being born. Bagavathi challenges him saying that the child will touch the earth. In order to do so Ganga (Thalaivasal Vijay) helps him to turn into a don to save his brother’s child. With the help of Anjali, her mother and his tea shop helper Vadivelu Bagavathi overcomes all the hurdles put in his way by Priya’s father and manages to protect Priya long enough to allow for safe birth of his brother’s child. The climax of the film shows Bagavathy first killing Viboothi Ganesan (Ponnambalam), a henchman of Easwarapandiyan and finally killing Easwarapandiyan himself.

Directed by A. Venkatesh
Produced by K. Muralidharan, V. Swaminathan & G. Venugopal
Written by A. Venkatesh & Pattukkottai Prabakar (Dialogues )
Starring Vijay, Reemma Sen, Ashish Vidyarthi, Jai, Vadivelu
Music by Deva
Cinematography R. Rathnavelu
Edited by V. T. Vijayan
Production Lakshmi Movie Makers
Release dates 4 November 2002
Running time 164 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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