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Bow Bow is a 2019 Tamil-language film directed by debutante Pradeep Kilikar, who previously worked as an assistant director for Azhagesan. The film stars Master Ahaan and a Labrador and the plot revolves around their relationship.
The film is the tale of a little boy whose world revolves around a Labrador dog. He is a little upset about its lethargic nature and initiates different training methods to make it an enthusiastic pet. However, little did he expect that he would lose the dog when it tries to save two people in a crucial situation. How the boy become depressed and starts searching for it forms the rest of the story. The positive aspects of the film are the boy Ahaan and the way a couple of dogs attract our attention with their performances.
Master Ahaan, from Bangalore, was cast by the director, Kilikar, felt that he “wanted someone who is fun and chirpy”. Ahaan’s picture was shown to him by the cinematographer. The film was shot in Chennai and Coimabatore. Bow Bow features 10 dogs, 3 of which play significant roles. Regarding the casting of Ahaan and the dogs, the director said that he “could only shoot when the dogs and the kid were in the mood to work”. The film was shot in a little over a month and had dog trainers to train the dogs to show emotions. The whole unit had to work around this, but they were very cooperative.The film will release in six languages: Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Scenes that involved number boards and plates were re-shot to suit nativity and scenes involving dialogues were rerecorded.

Directed by Pradeep Kilikar
Produced by K. Natrajan
Screenplay by Pradeep Kilikar
Starring Master Ahaan
Music by Marc D. Muse & A. Denis Vallaban
Cinematography K. Arun Prasath
Edited by E. Gopal & S. Anand
Production London Talkies
Release date 18 October 2019
Country India
Language Tamil


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