tamil movie is a 2017 Tamil-language fantasy film directed by Vijaykumar, starring Nakul and Ashna Zaveri in the leading roles. Featuring music composed by Siddharth Vipin and cinematography by Dipak Kumar Padhy, the film was released on December 15 to negative reviews from critics.
What happens if your life gets interchanged with that of someone whom you hate? You get several fortunes that the other person enjoys, but at the same time, lose some valuable things you have always been admiring. Brahma.Com narrates the story of brothers Kameswaran (Nakul) and Rameswaran (Siddharth) who are poles apart. Both of them work for the same company, though the former works under the latter. Kamu dreams of a life with Manisha (Ashna Zaveri), but unexpected circumstances make her move close with Ramu. A peeved Kamu approaches Lord Brahma and pleads with him to make his life free of woes.
Brahma, with the help of technology, has some other plans. As days pass by, Kamu’s life becomes horrible and he has to marry the daughter of a local goonda in town. Meanwhile, a Mumbai-based actress (Neetu Chandra), too, adds to the mess he’s already in. How he overcomes all these issues by convincing Brahma forms the rest of the story.
Though fantasy ideas like this are often devoid of logic, here, the director seems to have completely taken the viewers for granted. With a slew of unconvincing and bizarre sequences, the plot itself looks illogical. Added to it, some loud characters and annoying execution make things worse.

Directed by P. S. Vijayakumar
Produced by Milana Karthikeyan
Written by P. S. Vijayakumar
Starring Nakul, Ashna Zaveri, Neetu Chandra
Music by Siddharth Vipin
Cinematography Dipak Kumar Padhy
Edited by V. J. Sabu Joseph
Production Ganesh Dream Factory
Release date 15 December 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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