chinna gaunder tamil movie
chinna gaunder tamil movie

Chinna Gounder (Eng: Junior Gounder) is a 1992 Tamil language movie directed by R. V. Udayakumar and starring Vijayakanth, Sukanya, Manorama, Goundamani, Salim Ghouse, Senthil and Vadivelu. Music is composed by Illayaraaja. This film was remade into Telugu as Chinarayudu with Venkatesh and Vijayashanti in the lead. It was also remade in Kannada as Chikkejamanru with Ravichandran and Gouthami. The film completed a 100-day run.
The story is about Thavasi, who is a Village panchayat president (Arbitrator) as all his forefathers were; he is honesty and delivers fair judgment irrespective of the accused’s background. In the opening scene of the film, Thavasi delivers a very resourceful and brilliant judgement against the powerful Sakkarai Gounder [his late elder sister’s rich husband] and is applauded for his judgment by a popular retired Judge.
Thavasi lives a respected life in a village and sees that all the people live happily. Whenever injustice occurs, he resolves it in an fair manner. Thavasi lives with his mother. One day he catches Deivaanai (Sukanya), stealing tamarind fruit. She escapes from him without getting caught and from then on, Thavasi with his mother gets into verbal confrontation with Deivaanai, in fact not a serious one. One day Deivaanai saves Thavasi’s mother who suffers a snake bite and to repay this debt, Thavasi offers to give money to Deivaanai which she refuses to accept. Then Deivaanai has to collect money from villagers to repay her debt and eventually gets married to Thavasi. At one instance Thavasi is blamed for poisoning the lake (which was done by Sakkarai Gounder) and when Deivaanai comes to know that Sakkarai Gounder’s con man is about to give false testimony against her husband, she attacks him with a sickle and he gets killed eventually. So, Deivaanai is jailed for this act. At another instance Thavasi is blamed for abusing his wife’s sister and gets punished by his mother in front of village people. Then a villain conspires against him, without knowing it his wife also mistakes him. When Thavasi comes to see her in jail, she does not like to see him and abuses him for pregnancy of her sister, at court there is no solid evidence to prove that she had killed the con man, after release from jail, she goes to Thavasi’s house where her sister gives birth to child and reveals that she and the con man her sister accused of killing had secret relationship and the baby is result of that and Thavasi is not responsible for the child. Deivaanai realises her mistake and searches for Thavasi where she was abducted by the villain. At the final battle Thavasi defeats the villain and makes him stand at the village panchayat. At last the villain is forgiven and he realizes his mistake and starts to apologize to the people of the village but everyone disrespects and ignores him and put an end to the injustice.

Directed by R. V. Udayakumar
Produced by Venu Chettiyar, V. Mohan & V. Natarajan
Written by R. Selvaraj
Screenplay by R. V. Udayakumar
Starring Vijayakanth, Sukanya, Manorama, Goundamani, Salim Ghouse, Senthil, Vadivelu
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography A. Karthik Raja
Edited by B. S. Nagaraj
Production Anandhi Films
Distributed by G. V. Films
Release dates 15 January 1992
Running time 143 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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