chiyangal tamil film

Chiyangal is about a group of seven old villagers who always are together and try their best to enjoy their last years by indulging in some fun and frolic. One of them played by veteran actor Nalinikanth nurtures a dream of flying on an airplane while the rest of the gang who are treated, badly by their kith and kin would settle for one non-vegetarian meal. A kind hearted medical stores worker Karikalan enters their lives and tries his best to humour them and also falls in love with the daughter of one of the Chiyaans. The gang get their moment of glory as they unwittingly become a part of a cookery show on YouTube and also get a chance to go to Chennai. Tragedy strikes as two key members lose their lives in a gory manner and Nalinikanth also meets with an accident. What happens next is told in a highly emotional manner.


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