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Cinderella is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language horror film written and directed by Vinoo Venketesh on his directorial debut under the banner SSi Productions. The film stars Raai Laxmi in the title role, with Sakshi Agarwal also in lead role, Anbu Thasan in the supporting role, with Aswamithra composing the music. Principal photography of the film commenced in October 2018. The film was released on 24 September 2021.
Akira (Raai Laxmi) a sound designer is arrested as a suspect, but she claims she is innocent. She has come to a hill station to record the sounds of a few rare birds for a Hollywood project. She finds a Cinderella costume in an antique shop and brings it home and has paranormal experiences. Meanwhile, Ramya (Sakshi Agarwal), a rich girl is killed and her mother becomes the next target of a ghost. At the police station, a man is arrested for assaulting Sandra, Ramya’s mother. When leaving the station Akira bumps into Sandra, who is shocked to see her. She contacts her manager requesting for an appointment with Saint Gonzalves. The movie then jumps to a flashback. Thulasi, a look alike of Akira works as a maid for Sandra and Ramya, who berates her. She once sees a Cinderella costume and saves money to buy it. Meanwhile, Ramya falls in love with her dance choreographer, Robin. Robin, on a visit to Ramya’s House, sees Thulasi dancing and admires her. Later during Ramya’s birthday party, Thulasi wears the Cinderella costume and Robin falls for her. He later proposes her, angering Ramya. Later that day, Ramya and Sandra kill Thulasi. Thulasi’s spirit goes into the gown, and a possessed Akira kills Ramya. Sandra, with the help of the Saint, tries to ward off the ghost. But Thulasi, pairs up with another woman’s ghost, a lady killed by her husband and Sandra and kills Sandra.

Directed by Vinoo Venketesh
Written by Vinoo Venketesh
Produced by S. Subbiah, Abhilash & M. Sethu Pandian
Starring Raai Laxmi, Sakshi Agarwal
Cinematography Rammy
Edited by Lawrence Kishore
Music by Aswamithra
Production SSi Productions
Release date 24 September 2021
Running time 113 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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