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Climax is a 2021 Tamil murder mystery thriller. Writer-director Bhavani Shanker K pens the film’s story, screenplay and dialogues, too. He stages the thriller as a comedy, where the central character is a quirky man whose flaws are limitless.
Vijay Modi (Rajendra Prasad), an industrialist-cum-film producer, gets killed in the suite of a star hotel. The CID suspects a hostel girl, an unseen saree-clad woman, a businessman and a fourth character. Who killed Modi and what is their motive? The answer to this question is found in the climax.
As the film begins, a girl named Navya (Sasha Singh) is seen trying to impress upon her boyfriend to find a job. In the same city, she bumps into Vijay Modi and hints at lusting after him, making the old man wonder if he is still desirable at this age.
More than the story, ‘Climax’ is about how the characters are established. Vijay Modi is debt-ridden but is an emotional man who cares for his family. He is also a fallen politician nursing his wounds. He is busy making enemies all the time, appearing on TV to make regressive comments against women. He is a self-important womanizer who has stashed hundreds of crores in the suite of his hotel room, where he has been cooped up for a year.
When Modi gets to spend a night with Navya, he indulges in some empty philosophizing, which is narrated in the form of a rap. While he fashions himself as a Vijay Mallya, he is actually a parody. For all we know, he could give Sampoornesh Babu a run for his money, all the while coming up with weird ideas like underwear with a zip.


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