E P KO 306
E P KO 306 tamil film

E P KO 306 is a film based on true story. This film brings to limelight the political drama, the unethical business behind the NEET examination. The film is written and directed by Dr Sai. Sai Pictures Shivakumar produced the film. Thara Palanivel plays the lead role in the film. Cheenu Mohan, a lead artiste in the Crazy Mohan team also acts in the film. Director Sai plays the role of Villain.
Kodeeswari, a 12th standard student hailing from a remote village in Trichy district tops the examination. In the dream of becoming a Doctor she takes up the NEET. But, she doesn’t crack the entrance examination. Her dreams get shattered in spite of scoring high marks in 12th standard public examination. She seeks legal help also ropes in the media houses to get justice. Using the situation of the poor student, a local politician stages a drama. He dramatizes the entire situation and tries to gain political benefits. The film then speaks about business behind the NEET, the political drama behind the protests.


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