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Eeswaran is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language action drama film written and directed by Suseenthiran, and produced by Balaji Kapa under banners Madhav Media. It stars Silambarsan, Bharathiraja, Nidhhi Agerwal marking the debut in Tamil cinema and Nandita Swetha. The film has music scored by S. Thaman, whereas cinematography and editing were handled by Tirru and Anthony respectively.
In 1995, Periyasamy is a farmer in a village near Palani in Tamil Nadu, who leads a simple and happy life with his wife, Paapathi, and their children. One day, the family astrologer Kaali visits periyasamy’s family and makes accurate predictions about their past and future. Periyasamy’s world turns upside down the very same day, because just as Kaali had predicted, Paapathi slips and injures her head, and immediately succumbs to her injuries. Years go by, Periyasamy’s children get married and move to Chennai for their livelihood leaving him alone in the village. He eagerly awaits his children’s and grandchildren’s occasional visits.
In 2016, A young man, Eeswaran, joins as house help/ foster son for Periyasamy. Eeswaran is street smart, wise and runs from pillar to post to get things done, all the while establishing connections with many VIP’s in the state. In same time, Aathira’s husband acquires a loan from a local lender to start a business, with Aadhinathan as guarantee. But throughout the year he pays neither the interest nor the due amount, and Aadhinathan keeps paying the interest. When the families gather again for the death anniversary of Paapathi, and this this issue causes a major fight between them. The families of the four children of Periasamy leave and separate, and do not reunite in the village for the next three years.
In March 2020 Periyasamy’s children again refuse to visit the village with their families for Paapathi’s 25th death anniversary. Suddenly, the entire country goes into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, and all children of Periasamy decide to move to the village rather than being stuck in the City. Periyasamy is overjoyed at the idea of spending more time with his grandchildren. After everyone has come, he calls astrologer Kaali, who predicts that there would certainly be a death in the next few days, leaving them worried about contracting the coronavirus and dying from the complications. Kaali also predicts that a woman in the family is pregnant, and Adhinathan’s only daughter is revealed to be pregnant out of wedlock. She is then married to her lover, who is a distant relative of her mother. Also the whole family takes the PCR tests and fortunately, the results come back as negative. However, the doctor calls Eeswaran about Diya, Periyasamy’s 13-year-old granddaughter and diagnoses her with a hole in her heart. Unbeknown to the family, Eeswaran arranges for open heart surgery for Diya, in an attempt to keep them calm till the day of the surgery.
Meanwhile, Eeswaran’s ex-girlfriend Vasuki, who happens to be one of Periyasamy’s granddaughters, also comes to stay with them in the lockdown and this causes tension between the two. In 2017, Poongodi and Eeswaran fell in love, but they broke up when Eeswaran refused to leave the village. Poongodi had then married an NRI, who works in Dubai. Vasuki’s younger sister falls in love with Eeswaran, but he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings because he doesn’t want to leave Periyasamy and the village and it was also the reason he broke up with Vasuki.
Poongodi’ sister proposes to Eeswaran, and he rejects her. At this point, Periyasamy confesses to Eeswaran about how he lost the one true love of his life, Parvathi. He says that he married Paapathi after his break up, but Parvathi came back in his life 15 years later and he had no choice but to marry her as his second wife and they had a son in 1990. Things got out of hand when Paapathi came to know of this other woman. As a result, Parvathi takes her son Aadhisivan and leaves, Periyasamy didn’t know their whereabouts until that day. He urges Eeswaran to accept Poongodi’s love and lead a happy life, Eeswaran obliges.
Periyasamy’s daughter and son-in-law Maragadhamani’s business keeps incurring losses and he gets loans from his wife’s brothers but fails to repay them, often leading to family feuds. Maragadhamani resorts to asking Periyasamy to sell the family owned land and help him in his business, but Periyasamy vehemently refuses. So, Maragadhamani plans to kill Periyasamy in order to take the family property. He sends poisonous snakes into Periyasamy’s farm, but Eeswaran comes to know of this plan and saves the family, but gets bitten. Knowing that it was Maragadhamani’s plan, he thrashes him, but his family throws him out citing that he is just an outsider. Seeing the commotion, Diya faints and the whole family tries to rush her to the hospital for emergency surgery. But they are stopped by Rathnaswamy, Periyasamy’s arch nemesis who was just released from jail. Rathnaswamy wants revenge against Periyasamy as he was the root cause of the suicide of his wife and daughter. Eeswaran saves the family once again despite the snake poison affecting his body. Finally, he defeats Rathnaswamy and his men and rushes to see Diya, where he collapses and is taken for emergency treatment for the snake bite. Amidst all the confusion, Sonamuthu, a close aide of Periyasamy and Kutty Puli, Eeswaran’s friend, explains that Eeswaran is none other than Periyasamy and Parvathi’s son Aadhisivan and the truth was hidden as a last wish from Parvathi before she died. Periyasamy and the whole family are overwhelmed hearing this and rush in to see him. Eeswaran recovers from the snake bite and Diya’s surgery also is successful and the whole family is happily reunited.
Eeswaran gets married to Poongodi, he solves Maragadhamani’s loan problems and asks him to do proper money management from now onwards. He gets a call informing him about the demise of the astrologer Kaali, indicating that Kaali’s predictions came true in some form.

Directed by Suseenthiran
Written by Suseenthiran. sanjay (story)
Produced by Balaji Kapa
Starring Silambarasan, Bharathiraja, Nidhhi Agerwal, Nandita Swetha
Cinematography Tirru
Edited by Anthony
Music by S. Thaman
Production Madhav Media & D Company
Distributed by 7G Films
Release date 14 January 2021
Country India
Language Tamil


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