EnKadhaliSceenPodura 2019
en kaadhali scene podura tamil movie

En Kaadhali Scene Podura (Eng: My girlfriend is being dramatic) is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film directed by Ram Sevaa. It stars Mahesh and Shalu Chourasiya alongside an ensemble cast. Featuring music composed by Amresh Ganesh, the film began production in mid-2018 and was released on 13 of September 2019.
The film featuring Mahesh and debutant Shalu Chourasiya was shot in early 2018, with director Ram Sevaa making his second film after the unreleased Tea Kadai Bench. The director based the story of the film on a real life incident that he had witnessed in the 1990s, and completed the shoot of the film within 23 days. The film’s music is composed by Amresh Ganesh, and prior to release, Mahesh highlighted it as a major selling point of the film.

Directed by Ram Sevaa
Produced by Joseph Baby
Starring Mahesh, Shalu Chourasiya
Music by Amresh Ganesh
Cinematography Venkat
Edited by A. Marish
Production Shankar Movies International
Release date 13 September 2019
Country India
Language Tamil


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