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Enai Noki Paayum Thota (Eng:‚ÄČThe bullet fired at me) is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written, directed and co-produced by Gautham Menon. The film features Dhanush and Megha Akash in the lead roles. The film began production in March 2016 and was completed in September 2018. It was released on 29 November 2019.
The story starts off with Raghu (Dhanush) about to be shot and subsequently subduing his attackers. He defeats most of them but one guy shoots a bullet at him. The story is then told in flashbacks.
Raghu lives with his mother, father (Vela Ramamoorthy) and sister in Pollachi. He has an elder brother Thiru (M. Sasikumar) who left their house after his girlfriend was killed during a biking accident. Raghu is in his final year of college studying Computer Science and Engineering when he meets Lekha (Megha Akash), an actress forced to act against her will. After a few more encounters, they become friends which eventually blossoms into love. Raghu takes her to his house to introduce Lekha to his parents and they accept her. However, Kuberan, a film director and producer, comes to Raghu’s house and takes Lekha away after threatening Raghu’s family. Raghu doesn’t hear from Lekha again and is hurt, thinking she dumped him. Back to the present, the bullet hits Raghu’s belt buckle harmlessly and he defeats the attackers and successfully escapes.
Four years later from the flashback, Raghu receives a call from Lekha who tells that she is with Thiru who is in trouble. She further asks him to come to Mumbai to help Thiru, so Raghu arrives at Mumbai. He finds out that Thiru is a police officer working undercover to expose an illegal arms deal who is now on the run after the cops are after him. Thiru is arrested and taken to court, where cops and goons attack him. Thiru and Raghu, who comes there on the behest of Arun Bhide, Thiru’s senior, subdues the attackers and Thiru escapes without seeing Raghu. Back to the present, Raghu finds the location Lekha had asked him to come to and finds her held at knife point. He defeats the goons in a wild rage and rescues Lekha. They get into an auto where Thiru also appears and the brothers reconcile. However, the auto is attacked and Thiru is killed in the shootout, leaving Raghu devastated. Before the auto was attacked, Thiru had given Raghu a keychain and asked him to keep it safe. Lekha then narrates what happened after Kuberan took her from Raghu’s house.
Kuberan wanted Lekha to act in more films against her interest and to make her do so, he thrashed his son and wife in rage. She had finally agreed to act out of fear for Raghu and his family. Kuberan then took her to Mumbai where he pimped her to other actors, where she is rescued by Thiru. One day, Thiru asked her to accompany him and he visited a gym and a few other places. It was during this time that Lekha had contacted Raghu. In the present, Raghu takes Lekha to where he is staying currently, his college senior Mythili’s (Sunaina) room, to keep her safe. Kuberan finds out Lekha’s location and arrives with DCP Nagaraj to take Lekha away again, but Raghu beats up Kuberan and stabs Nagaraj a few times, who was revealed to have shot down Thiru. He escapes again with Mythili and Lekha and tries to clear his brother’s name.
He visits the gym that Thiru had visited but finds the locker to be empty on opening it. The police arrive, with DCP Suraj, revealed to be a corrupt cop who got Thiru embroiled in this problem, and arrest Raghu. Kuberan, in the meantime, arrives after finding Lekha’s location and takes Lekha and Mythili away. Raghu is taken to a room, revealed to be Thiru’s safe house, and Raghu attacks the cops before being shot by Nagaraj. One of the cops shoots Nagaraj dead in anger and the room is locked. Saved by the keychain, Raghu discovers a table which has a keyhole that matches with the key Thiru had given him (the keychain was actually a key) and opens it. He finds a hard drive and a laptop inside which reveals illegal arms dealings done by many influential people. He then calls Kuberan and arranges a meeting to give the hard disk. The police arrive as well and Raghu shoots all of them dead. Thiru’s name is finally cleared and is hailed as a hero while those involved in the dealings were arrested. Raghu arrives at his sister’s wedding with Lekha and Mythili, after performing the last rites for Thiru. He tells his parents that Thiru is doing well and that he is a police officer. Enai Noki Paayum Thota ends in a voice over from Raghu, stating that this isn’t over and he will go after everyone who was responsible for Thiru’s death.

Directed by Gautham Menon
Produced by Ishari K. Ganesh, Gautham Menon, Venkat Somasundaram, Reshma Ghatala
Written by Gautham Menon
Starring Dhanush, Megha Akash
Music by Darbuka Siva
Cinematography Jomon T. John, Manoj Paramahamsa & S.R. Kathir
Production Ondraga Entertainment & Vels Film International
Distributed by Vels Film International
Release date 29 November 2019
Running time 156 minute
Country India
Language Tamil


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