GangsOfMadras 2019
gangs of madras tamil movie

Gangs of Madras is a 2019 Indian Tamil language action crime film written, directed and produced by C. V. Kumar. The film stars Priyanka Ruth and Ashok in the main lead roles while Daniel Balaji, Aadukalam Naren, P. L. Thenappan , Velu Prabhakaran and Vikas playing supportive roles. The film was released on 12 April 2019.
The story opens with a female voice narrating about herself and her love story with Ibrahim (Ashok). Ibrahim works for rowther (Velu Prabhakaran) a goon who deals with drugs. He marries jaya (Priyanka Ruth)under her parents disapproval and she converts to islam changing her name as Razia. Everything seems to go well when one fine day ibrahim is shot dead in an encounter just in front of Razia. This also leads razia to suffer a miscarriage and she avenges to kill everybody involved in Ibrahim’s encounter. She seeks Abdullah’s (E. Ramdoss) help who reveals the real motive of Ibrahim’s encounter. He tells that rowther’s younger son Hussain (Vikas) eyes upon razia and is warned by his family members as she is someone else’s wife. A ruffle happens in the gang and the police is pressured to encounter someone from the gang to put an end to the issue. Hussain suggests Ibrahim’s name so that he can marry razia. Razia is then sent to mumbai to meet boxie (Daniel Balaji) who at first looks at her meanly but later understands her willpower. He keeps her in his gang trains her to kill rowther and his gang. Finally a well trained razia lands up at Chennai and kills the elder son of rowther and the police who were involved in Ibrahim’s encounter. Rowther comes to know about the motto of his son’s murder and orders Lala seth and Nelson to kill everybody who is responsible for his son’s murder. Lala seth trick boxie by offering him help to do his drug business in Chennai in the place of rowther and kills boxie and his henchmen. Meanwhile,Razia goes hunting for Hussain and kills him. The police catch her and they help her to kill rowther as they couldn’t arrest him and stop his drug business as he had the minister’s (P. L. Thenappan ) support. Later lala seth and Nelson are killed by the police and razia also let’s the police shoot her. In the end credits, the police are praised for their mission and the deputy commissioner (Aadukalam Naren) helps razia’s sisters to get a job in the police department in return for the favour she did to the police department.

Directed by C. V. Kumar
Produced by C. V. Kumar
Written by C. V. Kumar
Starring Priyanka Ruth, Ashok
Music by Hari Dafusia (Songs) Shyamalangan (Score)
Cinematography Karthik K Thillai
Edited by Radhakrishnan Dhanapal
Production Fox Star Studios & CV Kumar Productions
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release date 12 April 2019
Running time 142 Minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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