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Harichandra is a 1998 Tamil language film directed by Cheyyar Ravi. The film features Karthik Muthuraman and Meena. It was later remade in Telugu as Harischandraa starred by J.D. Chakravarthy and Raasi in lead roles.
A movie about a guy whose name his Harichandra (Karthik Muthuraman) who always lies and cheats everyone. But no matter what, nobody knows that he is a big liar and a cheat and still continues to believe him. Then he meets a school principal Nandhini (Meena) for a shooting purpose. Later he falls in love with her, thus he tries to cheat and lie to impress Nandhini (Meena). But this time Nandhini (Meena) was clever enough to identify all his lies and cheats but no matter what they still reunite again after every quarrel and fights. Quarrel and fights lasted till their wedding moment but eventually at the end only everyone know that no matter Harichandra (Karthik Muthuraman) lies and cheats people he is still a good human being. Thus Harichandra (Karthik Muthuraman) and Nandhini (Meena) got married and lived happily.

Directed by Cheyyar Ravi
Produced by G. Thyagarajan & G. Saravanan
Screenplay by Cheyyar Ravi, G. Thyagarajan & K. Jeevakumaaran
Story by K. Jeevakumaaran
Starring Karthik Muthuraman, Meena, Priya Raman, Chinni Jayanth, Vaiyapuri, Vivek, Delhi Ganesh, Janagaraj
Music by Anand, Gopal, Shaleen
Cinematography Ravi Yadav
Release dates 15 May 1998
Running time 150 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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