iru medhaigal
iru medhaigal tamil film

Iru Medhaigal (Eng: Two Geniuses) is a 1984 Indian Tamil-language film, directed by Muktha Srinivasan and produced by Muktha Ramasami. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan, Saritha, Prabhu and Radha.
Balaram (Sivaji Ganesan) kidnaps the children of rich but dishonorable people and ransoms them. Ranga (Prabhu) is a car thief. The two men meet when Balaram mistakenly kidnaps Ranga assuming he is Rajalingam’s (M. N. Nambiar) nephew, Mahesh (Janagaraj). The confusion is cleared up and they realize that they both are searching for the same person, Devaki (Saritha). She is Ranga’s long-lost older sister and she’s also Balaram’s ex-girlfriend. The two decide to continue working together while they search and kidnap Radha (Radha). She is the heir to a great fortune left to her by her older brother Chandrasekar (Jaishankar). Rajalingam is the manager of Radha’s companies and refuses to hand over the ransom. Radha is convinced her guardian would give any ransom to see her safe. She works with the two men to get to the bottom of the mystery. Balaram and Ranga enter Radha’s house under false pretenses and discover that Radha’s guardian is Devaki. They also learn that Rajalingam seems to have an odd hold over her. The two must work to understand the circumstances that led Devaki to this situation and deal with Rajalingam.

Directed by Muktha Srinivasan
Written by Thooyavan
Screenplay by Muktha Srinivasan
Produced by Muktha Ramaswamy
Starring Sivaji Ganesan, Saritha, Prabhu, Radha
Cinematography M. Karnan
Edited by V. P. Krishnan & C. R. Shanmugam
Music by M. S. viswanathan
Production Muktha Movies
Distributed by Muktha Movies
Release date 14 September 1984
Country India
Language Tamil


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