kaakha kaakha tamil movie
kaakha kaakha tamil movie

Kaakha Kaakha (Eng: To Protect) is a 2003 Tamil action movie written and directed by Gautham Menon. Starring Suriya, Jyothika and Jeevan, the film featured music composed by Harris Jayaraj and cinematography by R. D. Rajasekhar. The film released to highly positive reviews in August 2003 and went on to become the first biggest blockbuster in Suriya’s career, and was considered a comeback film for producer Kalaipuli S. Dhanu. Owing to the success, the film has been remade in several languages.
A badly injured Anbuselvan (Suriya) is lying on the bank of a stream, thinking about his wife Maya and how he needs to rescue her. The story moves quickly from this opening scene to a flashback of Anbuselvan’s time as a young policeman. Anbuselvan was an honest, daring IPS officer with the Chennai police as the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in the Crime Branch. As he has no relations in life, he lived with no fear. Anbuselvan and his friends, Shrikanth, Arul and Ilamaran, have been recruited for part of a special unit of police officers who are battling organized crime in Chennai. Violent and laconic, Anbuselvan finds little patience for a personal life. The unit is ruthless in its confrontation with criminals, going as far as assassinating gang members; the unit is finally disbanded by human rights authorities; Anbuselvan is posted to Control Room Duties.
One day a school teacher named Maya (Jyothika) rebuffs Anbuselvan’s routine questions regarding safety, not knowing that he is a police officer. He meets her again when she and her friend are questioned for driving without a license. However, Anbuselvan lets them off with a warning. When one of Maya’s students has a problem with local kids, she asks Anbuselvan for help. Anbuselvan resolves this problem, a mutual respect grows between them and they begin seeing one another. When Maya gets into a road accident, Anbuselvan helps her to recover and they fall in love. Shrikanth and his wife, Swathi, become good friends with Maya. In response to rising levels of crime in the city, when the son of an influential movie producer is kidnapped and killed, the special unit is reassembled by commissioner with all four back in the crime branch. The unit tracks down and kills the head of the gang that was responsible. The brother of the gang leader, Pandiya (played by Jeevan), returns from Mumbai and takes over the gang, promising revenge over his brother’s death. Pandiya and his gang members target the families of the men in the special unit, but the police close in and a badly injured Pandiya barely escapes Anbuselvan.

Directed by Gautham Menon
Produced by Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
Written by Gautham Menon
Starring Suriya, Jyothika, Jeevan
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography R. D. Rajasekhar
Edited by Anthony
Production V. Creations
Release dates 1 August 2003
Running time 153 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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