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Kaanchi Thalaivan (Eng: Leader of Kaanchi) is a 1963 Tamil language historical action film, directed by A. Kasilingam. The film features M. G. Ramachandran, S. S. Rajendran, P. Bhanumathi and C. R. Vijayakumari in the lead roles, with M. R. Radha and S. A. Ashokan as villain. The film, produced by Mu. Karunanidhi, A. Kasilingam and Murasoli Maran under Mekala Pictures, had musical score by K. V. Mahadevan and was released on 26 October 1963.
Kaanchi Thalaivan is about the rivalry between the Pallavas and the Chalukyas, MGR as the Narasimha Pallava King, also known as Mamallan, rules Kanchipuram with peace, Pulikesi (S. A. Ashokan) wants to capture Kanchipuram, with a cunning plan, sending Poovikraman (M. R. Radha) and Chola Kumari (Bhanumathi) to Kanchi. According to the plan, Poovikraman shall work as a sculptor in Kanchi and Chola Kumari as an official. Paranjothi (S. S. Rajendran) arrests Chola Kumari and takes her to the court of Mamallan, there the King gives due respect and frees her. Meanwhile, Mamallan’s friend Manavaraman (King of Ceylon) loses his crown, with his family comes to Kanchi to get the help from his friend, unfortunately the ship wrecks and his family is separated. Poovikraman had the opportunity to save the baby of Manavaraman and later his wife.
Poovikaraman asks Chola Kumari to invite Mamallan, during the feast; she provokes the anger of Mamallan and makes him leave the party without taking the food. Later he comes to know about her real self through one of his spies.
Poovikaraman sends another girl in place of Manavarman’s wife (G. Sakunthala) to Paranjothi, on the way she tries to seduce Paranjothi and gives an impression that Manavarman’s wife is adulterous. Paranjothi mentions this to Mamallan in front of his friend Manavarman, Paranjothi gets slapped by his King, Paranjothi’s loyalty stays the same after this incident. Manavarman tries to kill his wife, but Mamallan plays a drama and finds out that the girl Paranjothi took with him is not the wife of Manavarman. Their friendship is renewed.
Though Chola Kumari is against the wish of Pulikesi, her love to Mamallan creates a problem in the kingdom and Pallava’s allies turn against him. The time was now ripe for Pulikesi to attack and hold Kanchi forever. Paranjothi too resigns from his post due to the love between the King and Chola Kumari. The King appoints Manavarman as his commander, due to this, his baby was slaughtered by Pulikesi. Initially, Kanchi loses some of its forts to Pulikesi.
Mamallan’s sister (C. R. Vijayakumari), who is attached to Paranjothi asks for his help, but he turns her down. She goes to the temple to pray, where Poovikraman plans to kill Mamallan, before the explosives go off, Mamallan comes out of the temple, but his sister dies. Chola Kumari speaks with Pallava’s allies and consents to their wish that she will not marry the Kanchi King. Now Paranjothi volunteers for the war and takes up the commanding position with Mamallan, Manavarman on one side and the allies of Kanchi on another side. They destroy the force of Pulikesi and he was later killed in the battle.
Finally Kanchi’s allies changes their wish and ask Chola Kumari to marry Kanchi Thalaivan.

Directed by A Kasilingam
Produced by Mu Karunanidhi, A Kasilingam & Murasoli Maran
Written by Mu Karunanidhi
Screenplay by Mu Karunanidhi
Story by Mu Karunanidhi
Starring MG Ramachandran, P Bhanumathi, SS Rajendran, MR Radha, SA Ashokan, CR Vijayakumari, ‘Valayapathy’ Muthukrishnan, TA Madhuram, G Sakunthala
Music by KV Mahadevan
Production Mekala Pictures
Distributed by Mekala Pictures
Release date 26 October 1963
Running time 150 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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