kadaisi bench karthi
kadaisi bench karthi tamil movie

Kadaisi Bench Karthi (Eng: Last Bench Karthi) is a 2017 Indian Tamil comedy film directed by Ravi Bhargavan. The film features Bharath, Ruhani Sharma and Angana Roy in the lead roles. The venture began production in July 2016 and had a theatrical release on 27 October 2017.
The hero has a bad notion about women after being ‘used’ by a girl. As one might expect, there’s a bar song ranting about women, but it’s the lyrics of this song that will leave you in splits: ‘Facebook love-le kick ille, Twitter love-le mabbu ille’.
To say there’s bad lip sync would be an understatement. Sometimes, dialogues run well after the actors stop talking. So, what exactly are they talking about? In one scene, our hero advises a college girl (of course, after the customary slap), who is ready to please him and his friends for money. “Intha odambu kalyanam aagura varaikum appa ammavuku sontham, kalyanam aagiduchuna un purushanuku sontham,” he says, and even before you can begin to outrage, he goes on: “Condom pota pulle porakurathey thadukalam, maanam poratha ille.” At this point, you realise there’s no point outraging. I simply burst out laughing.
When it’s a college story, you usually have a scene that has guys sitting around and talking rubbish. Here, a guy tells his friends how he taught his friend to consummate his marriage by lending him a porn film. The story ends with the guy saying that the couple went on to see the complete film, as the woman in the film was actually the bride. It’s not just the men in this film who have such conversations. In another scene, a bunch of girls discuss how the overall size of a man is inversely proportional to the size of his you-know-what. One girl interrupts and says, “32 inches TV ah irunthalum, 52 inches TV ah irunthalum, remote ennavo five inches thaandi.” The film is non-stop.
What’s a hero without fight scenes? The reason why there’s one is even more ludicrous. Apparently, the heroine is into the habit of luring guys only to get them to donate blood. This bunch, unruly as they are, instead try to force her to give blood. By then, frankly, I was ready to lose mine.
The director, throughout the film, tries to force his message that sex before marriage is a no-no. But in one scene, the hero himself tries to lure the heroine to do the same. The film ends with a note from the director that says love is sacred in our country and that pre-marital sex is equal to ‘crossing borders’, which he claims is akin to terrorism. I’ll leave you with that.

Directed by Ravi Bhargavan
Produced by John Sudheer Pudhota
Starring Bharath, Ruhani Sharma, Angana Roy
Music by Anbu Rajesh
Cinematography Muneer Malik
Edited by N H Babu
Production Rama Reels
Release date 27 October 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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