kamara kattu tamil movie
kamara kattu tamil movie

Kamara Kattu is a 2015 Drama Tamil movie directed by Ramki Ramakrishnan and produced by Sree Daksha Innovations and Reves Creations. Kamara Kattu movie stars Sree Raam, Yuvan, Manishajith, Raksha Raj in the lead role. This movie released on Friday, May 22, 2015.
Kamara Kattu revolves around Ravi and Ramesh, schoolboys who are in a relationship with their classmates Poongodi and Malarkodi, who are sisters. Theirs is the kind of love that makes them proclaim “Oththa naal paakalanaalum usuru poyidum” but the girls behave exactly like how some Tamil cinema comedians portray them — ‘Sim card-a mathara maadhiri ponnunga boyfriends-a maathuvanga’ — when they get into college. They discard these poor suckers for two rich boys and the girl’s mom even encourages them to somehow trap them. Meanwhile, she murders Ravi and Ramesh, who, now, begin to haunt the girls as ghosts. And they do not plan to leave them in peace because theirs is true love. “Percentage-a illana kooda first class-la pass pannradhu kaadhal” is how one of them actually defines love!
There are so many things wrong (schoolboys behaving like stalkers both when they are alive and dead) and laughably bad in Ramki Ramakrishnan’s Kamara Kattu, but there is a misguided craziness in the plot that just makes us want to keep watching. Things just keep happening in the film, each one even more outrageous than the previous one, and we are expected to empathize with the earnestness with which all this is done. But all that it provides is unintended hilarity and ridiculous characters — a good godman who supports the boys (and utters a golden line: “Netraya manushan indraya pei, indraya manushan naalaya pei’), an evil godman who resorts to all kinds of violence to exorcise the ghosts, the ghosts tortured by the evil godman who help the heroes, an exorcist who is so high-tech that he uses computers to communicate with ghosts (but doesn’t have one per cent of the flair of Ghost Gopal Varma from Darling). This so-bad-it’s-good quality is the film’s biggest strength or rather, it’s only strength.

Language – Tamil
Year – 2015
Cast – Sreeram, Yuvan, Manisha Jith, Raksha Raj, Bala Singh, Chetan, MRR Vasu Vikram
Director – Ramki Ramakrishnan
Producer – Sree Daksha Innovations
Banner – Sree Daksha Innovations
Music – FS Faizal
Source – WEB HD
Codec – XviD ISO MPEG-4
Audio – Dolby AC3
Resolution – 720 x 304
Framerate – 25.000
Video Bitrate – 1200 kbps
Audio Bitrate – 48000Hz 448 kb/s tot , 6 chnls
Subs – None
Runtime – 152 mins


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