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mercury pookkal tamil movie

Mercury Pookkal (Eng: Mercury flowers) is a 2006 Tamil romantic drama film, directed by S. S. Stanley starring Srikanth, Meera Jasmine. The music is composed by Karthik Raja.
Karthik, is from a middle-class family and is doing his MCA final year. He is an outstanding student with high ambitions. He works part-time in a courier company and takes care of his expenses. He also yearns for beautiful classy girls. Anbu Selvi is from a rural landlord’s family and is doing her B.Com in Trichy. Her pranks and her outgoing personality makes her father Mahadevan fear that she might bring disrepute to the family name and so he decides to give her in marriage to his friend’s son, Karthik.
Both the youngsters try to resist marriage but are compelled to agree in the end. The unwilling couple make an agreement on the first night that they will play according to the elders’ tune for a while and once they are capable of taking care of themselves, they can part their own ways. Anbu is also admitted to the same college as Karthik and the turn of events makes Anbu realize the importance of a good married life and how she has to make her husband like her. In spite of her attempts, Karthik remains elusive and after some frames he also realizes the meaning of a good wedded life. When he is about to expose his love, turn of events separate the couple. But the couple stay determined to unite despite the stubborn stance of both their fathers. After much drama they unite happily.

Directed by S. S. Stanley
Produced by Aaradhana Reddy
Written by S. S. Stanley
Starring Srikanth, Meera Jasmine, Sameksha
Music by Original songs: Karthik Raja Background ScoreBala: Bharathi
Cinematography Ramesh Babu
Edited by Anil Malnad
Production Vijaya Productions
Release date 17 March 2006
Country India
Language Tamil


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