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Moo is a 2016 Tamil horror comedy film directed by Bhuvan Nullan, with Suresh Ravi, Aishwarya Rajesh and Ramesh Thilak in the leading roles. The film, featuring a new technical crew, began production during 2015.
Vetri (Selva), a real estate businessman, plans to buy an old school in Pondicherry to establish a new resort there. Another opponent businessman, Senthil Nathan (Mime Gopi), has more of a chance of finishing the final deal. Senthil’s horoscope says that he should never own a haunted property, and he has a fear of ghosts.
Dev (Suresh Ravi), Sathish (Ramesh Thilak) and Kumar (Darbuka Siva) are childhood friends and they have been involved in cheating practices for money from childhood. They discover a new idea to cheat people using their fear of ghosts. Priya (Aishwarya Rajesh), a junior film artist, who dreams of becoming a heroine someday, and Joseph Chellappa (Ramdoss), a film makeup artist, join the three. Priya acts as the ghost and Joseph does her makeup. Priya does this to make her brother continue his schooling. Dev, Sathish and Kumar act as exorcists.
One day, they plan to cheat Vetri but they get trapped. Vetri assigns them a task to do the same ghost drama in the school in Pondicherry in order to make Senthil drop his plan of buying the property. They accept the deal and all five go to Pondicherry. They do all sort of paranormal activities and Senthil’s men believe that the school is haunted. However, they themselves feel certain abnormal things happening around them.
The next day Vetri tells them about Senthil’s visit to the school at night. Priya doesn’t accompany them as she falls sick. All the boys reach the school and this time Chellappa acts as the ghost. They do all sort of paranormal activities and make Senthil believe that the school is haunted. After Senthil runs, they themselves again feel the same activities and hear a hiccup sound. All four run out of the school and reach their rooms; they find that Priya has gone to the school in search of them.
They go to the school to rescue Priya and find her possessed by ghost. They find her in horror look scribbling on the board. They seek the help of a priest in the nearby church. He gives them holy water and a bible. They read the bible and throw the holy water on the ghost obsessed Priya.
The ghost calms down and tells them that she is Moo, who always dreamed of becoming a maths teacher. When her dreams came true, she died out of continuous hiccups on the first day of her class as a teacher. She wants her unfulfilled dream of teaching maths. She makes all four men sit and teaches them maths. Finally, the spirit of Moo leaves Priya’s body, tired of teaching the four dumb men.
Moo ends with the school being sold by Vetri successfully, Priya becoming the heroine of a ghost film and Chellapa being her makeup man. Dev, Sathish and Kumar continue cheating people.

Directed by Bhuvan R Nullan
Written by Bhuvan R Nullan
Starring Suresh Ravi, Aishwarya Rajesh, Ramesh Thilak, Darbuka Siva
Music by Santhosh Dhayanidhi
Cinematography K. Vishnu Shri
Edited by Gopinath
Production WTF Infotainment LLP
Release date December 30, 2016
Running time 136 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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