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Neruppu Da (Eng: Fire Da) is an Indian Tamil language action drama thriller film written and directed by debutant B. Ashok Kumar. Produced by Vikram Prabhu under his First Artist production company, it stars him in the lead role alongside Nikki Galrani. Production for the film began during July 2016. Neruppu Da was released on 8 September 2017 with on very poor reviews.
Guru,Patta,Dhana,Parthi and Seenu are friends since childhood and live in the same area. Their main aim is to join in the Fire Service and save lives. So till they get their Jobs, they go around places dousing off fires and saving lives by themselves. Their actions are praised by the public and the concerned officials, including the Zonal Fire Officer, who promises them that they will get their Jobs and asks them to write the exam soon.
On the night before the exam, Dhana meets his friends and he is seen injured. He tells them that, while he was coming back home after seeing his sister, he was stopped by a man named Sadha and his friend and was slapped without any reason. Dhana tries to move on from there but Sadha doesn’t allow him and repeatedly assaults him. Sadha tells his friend that he is a don and he is unstoppable. So to prove his masculinity, he slapped Sadha. Dhana somehow manages to escape from there, after Pushing Sadha away and escapes with his bike. Hearing this, the friends decide to teach Sadha a lesson and go to the place where the incident happened. But to their shock, they see Sadha lying dead. It is shown that When Dhana pushed Sadha away, he fell down, hitting a rock and succumbing to his injury.It is also revealed that, Sadha was the right hand of “Puliyanthope Ravi”, the city’s most feared don.
The 5 Friends decide to seek help from Kabaali, the Counsellor of that area and a well wisher of Guru. Kabali tells them that they have mistakenly killed the wrong guy and Puliyanthope Ravi will definitely avenge the death of Sadha. He tells them that Puliyanthope Ravi is too powerful for him and he cannot help them in this issue. And since Sadha’s friend was there on the scene, the 5 friends fear that Puliyanthope Ravi will find them. So Guru suggests that, instead of living in fear, they should finish off Puliyanthope Ravi, before he finds them. The 5 of them make a plan and decide to kidnap Ravi. They visit the burial place of Sadha, where Ravi and all the dons from Chennai had assembled. Guru mingles with the Dons and instructs the other 4 hide in particular places. Once Puliyanthope Ravi gets away from the crowd, he will Kidnap him. There, Puliyanthope Ravi asks Sadha’s friend, who was drinking when the incident happened and he says that he doesn’t remember anything as he was too drunk. Puliyanthope Ravi kills that guy in a fit of rage. Guru is relaxed, as the only evidence against them is now killed and feels that they are free from troubles.
But he gets a call from 2 of his friends, who were hiding in another place. They tell him that, they have Kidnapped Ravi (as they were not aware of the things that happened in the burial site) and have hidden him in their area. Guru is very upset. He explains his friends what happened and tells them that they are back in trouble. As they discuss what to do next,Puliyanthope Ravi manages to escape and comes face to face with them and asks for help. Apparently Puliyanthope Ravi doesn’t remember who kidnapped him, as he met with an accident and became unconscious and that was when the friends kidnapped him. So once again getting out of trouble, they release Puliyanthope Ravi and live in peace.
Puliyanthope Ravi is keen on finding the guy who killed Sadha and Kidnapped himself. Since he was kidnapped and hidden in the area of the friends, he enquires there and catches Kabali. Kabali reveals the truth and the 5 friends are tracked down by Puliyanthope Ravi. Guru manages to overcome Ravi and spares him even though he gets an opportunity to Kill him. Guru apologizes to Ravi and tells him that Sadha’s death was an accident. But Ravi is shown to have vengeance and few days later, he confronts Guru and threatens to kill his loved ones.
Some days later, Guru’s father is killed. Guru suspects that it was Puliyanthope Ravi who did it and decides to avenge. But upon reaching Puliyanthope Ravi’s place, he sees Ravi and his henchmen also being dead. Police reveal that in fact Puliyanthope Ravi was killed before Guru’s father was killed. Guru is confused about who is the new killer. Guru gets a call saying that his friends and girlfriend have been kidnapped and if he wants to see them alive, he must come to a location. There it is revealed that the person behind all these is Annam, a transgender and also the wife of Sadha. Annam has been trying to avenge the death of Sadha. She approaches Puliyanthope Ravi but he refuses to help her saying that Sadha’s death was an accident and he wont kill Guru or his friends for this. Annam is angered by this and kills Puliyanthope Ravi. She then kills Guru’s father. She tells Guru that Sadha loved her so much despite being a transgender and he had shattered her life. So she decides to kill Guru’s girlfriend. But Dhana escapes and manages to push Annam into the nearby pyre, which was burning and Guru manages to Save his Girlfriend. As Annam is on fire, struggling, Guru jumps in and saves her. He tells her, that even if it is enemy, he will not let someone get killed by fire. Guru apologizes to Annam and tells her that Sadha’s death was an accident and the friends leave that place. Annam gets moved by his gesture and forgives him. Later, the 5 friends join the Fire Service and rush to a spot to save people.

Directed by B. Ashok Kumar
Produced by Vikram Prabhu, Esakki Durai & R. K. Ajaykumar
Written by B. Ashok Kumar
Starring Vikram Prabhu, Nikki Galrani, Varun, Vincent
Music by Sean Roldan
Cinematography R. D. Rajasekhar
Edited by Thiyagu
Production First Artist & Chandra Arts
Distributed by Cine Innovations
Release date 8 September 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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