NetruIndruNaalai 1974
netru indru naalai tamil movie

Netru Indru Naalai (Eng: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) is a 1974 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Pa.Neelakandhan, starring M. G. Ramachandran in the lead role and Manjula, Latha, Rajasree, M. N. Nambiar and among others.
Two swindlers, Nalasivam (V. K. Ramasamy) and Dayalan (Thengai Srinivasan) kill the wife (Pandari Bai) of the wealthy industrialist Manavalan Thangappapuram (M. G. Chakrapani).
The baby (MGR) who was with the mother, escapes from their claws by the intervention of a farmer (V. Gopalakrishnan), who raises the child as his own child, naming him Manickam.
Meanwhile, both criminals see Thangappapuram, with another baby (M. N. Nambiar) in his arms, and persuade the widower that they saved him.
Wild with joy by thinking that he has found his newborn child, Rathnam, Thangappapuram does not know that a terrible trap has just closed on him.
Indeed, this fake Rathnam allows both men, Nalasivam and Dayalan to steal some money from Manavalan Thangappapuram.
But Manickam, finds that he is the real son of Thangappapuram and knows that his father is in a terrible trap.
Manickam tries to prove that he is real Rathnam, but Thangappapuram does not believe Manickam.
How Manickam makes his father believe him and save him from the fake Rathnam, Nalasivam and Dayalan – is the plot of the story.

Directed by Pa.Neelakandhan
Produced by S. A. Ashokan
Written by Sornam
Story by ‘Nellai’ Venkatachalam
Starring M. G. Ramachandran, Manjula, Latha, Rajasree, M. N. Nambiar, S. A. Ashokan, Thengai Srinivasan, V. K. Ramasamy
Music by M. S. Viswanathan
Cinematography A. Shanmugham & Amirtham
Edited by R. Sebastian
Production Amalraj Films
Distributed by Amalraj Films
Release date 12 July 1974
Running time 154 mins
Country India
Language Tamil


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