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onbathu kuzhi sampath tamil movie

Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath is a 2020 Indian Tamil language village based romantic drama film written and directed by Ja. Raghupathy. It is produced by 80-20 Pictures and stars Balaji Maharaja, Nikhila Vimal and Appukutty. The film began production in 2016, but was delayed and released in 2020. The film is based on Onbathu Kuzhi, a village game that involves marbles. Balaji Maharaja plays a man who is an expert at the game while Nikhila Vimal portrays a village woman. Nikhila Vimal shot for this film while shooting for Vetrivel and Kidaari. The film released on Regal Talkies, a TVOD app. on 15 August 2020. This is the first Tamil feature film to be telecast on a pay-per-view model.
The story begins in Trichy and shows Sampath working in a quaint workshop and heads back to his village with loads of money in his hand to get married to his ladylove Vasanthi. The narration is in flashback mode. Sampath a major headache to the villagers whiles away his time playing the 9 hole marble game, drinking and creating nuisance. His life changes when Vasanthi, who normally doesn’t speak to anyone in the village starts a chance conversation with him. This one reason was enough for Sampath to fall in love. This love was naturally un-welcome. To impress her lady love and her family he tidies himself and step into her home to ask her hand. Vasanthi’s family is flabbergasted and blames & doubts Vasanthi for the development. To make her family believe that she isn’t party to his act she decides to do what her family asks her to do. In front of villagers during the village festival she insults Sampath. Sampath is taken aback and feel insulted and locks himself within the four walls of the home. He even attempts for a suicide but stops at the last moment as he thinks this act of his would hurt Vasanthi more. Sami is worried with this development and not able to see his friend in this state confronts Vasanthi. Vasanthi is now moved by this and feels sorry for her act, the act which saved her and her family prestige but spoiled the prestige and reputation of Sampath. She speaks to him and makes him come out of the depression and now both fall in love. To give Vasanthi a decent life and make her parents accept their love Sampath decides to leave the village and move to the city to earn money. They both hide their love with themselves. Sampath leaves the village alone leaving back Vasanthi. The flashback scene ends and Sampath visits his home after two years. He is asked about the whereabouts of Vasanthi. Sampath is shell shocked. What happened to Vasanthi forms the climax. On the day of parting, Durai sees Sampath and Vasanthi together and this angers him. He hits her with the torch and this blow takes Vasanthi’s life. On hearing the commotion neighbours knock the door. Vislatchi opens the door and says her daughter has eloped with Sampath, this she does to safe guard the family’s honour and prestige. They cremate Vasanthi’s body in the back guard. This truth surfaces. Sampath starts living with the thoughts of Vasanthi.

Directed by Ja. Raghupathy
Produced by GK Tirunavukarasu & Ranjit Kumar Balu
Written by Ja. Raghupathy
Starring Balaji Maharaja, Nikhila Vimal
Music by Va Charlie
Cinematography R. Kolanchi Kumar
Edited by Dheena
Production 80-20 Pictures
Distributed by Regal Talkies
Release date 15 August 2020
Running time 127 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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