oru kai osai
oru kai osai tamil movie

Oru Kai Oosai is a Tamil film written and directed by K. Bhagyaraj. This is Bhagyaraj’s second film as a director. This film created an impact and well received by the audience for its unique characterization and unexpected climax.
Ashwini is a doctor who enters the Siruvallur village to lead a peaceful life. She sees Bhagyaraj at different instances trying to attempt suicide. Bhagyaraj, during his childhood, had lost his voice by seeing his mother drowning and losing her life while crossing a flooded river. Due to his disability, he thinks that he is useless to live anymore, which becomes the reason for his multiple suicide attempts. Ashwini, as a doctor, gives basic treatment to Bhagyaraj which eventually leads Bhagyaraj to fall in love with her. Bhagyaraj also has a relative Ponni who has a crush on him irrespective of his disability. When Ponni decides to express her love to Bhagyaraj, she comes to know that he is already in love with Ashwini. She leaves her love aside and decides not to express her love to him anymore.
One fine day, Ashwini’s daughter and her cousin brother arrives to the village to stay with her. (Ashwini had lost his lover in a train accident before she could marry him). The little girl, i.e., Ashwini’s daughter gets well attached to Bhagyaraj. Ashwini’s cousin brother and Ponni get attracted to each other as well. After a point of time, Bhagyaraj is separated from his village and stays on the other side of the river for seven days as he had fought with his fellow villagers. During that time, he sees Ashwini’s daughter attempting to cross the flooding river to see him. He gets into the river and shouts at her to not come towards him. By doing so, he regains his voice as before. After getting back his voice, he decides to talk Ashwini before talking to anyone. Meanwhile, Ashwini decides to marry Bhagyaraj as she feels that Bhagyaraj is a good father to take care of her daughter. On their marriage day, Ashwini sees her dead lover as one of the marriage attendees. He says that was not dead and everyone misunderstood that he was dead by seeing his photo in his purse which got pick-pocketed. The dead person was actually the pick-pocket.
Finally, Bhagyaraj decides to unite Ashwini with her lover, and Ponni with Ashwini’s cousin, and they get married. Bhagyaraj remains unmarried and acts like he is dumb till the end.

Directed by K. Bhagyaraj
Produced by K. Bhagyaraj
Written by K. Bhagyaraj
Starring K. Bhagyaraj, Ashwini, K K Soundar
Music by M. S. Viswanathan
Cinematography B. S. Pasavaraj
Edited by R. Bhaskaran
Production Ammulu Productions
Release date 25 July 1980
Running time 140 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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