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palli paruvathile tamil movie

Palli Paruvathile revolves around the romance between school students Kalaiarasan (Nandhan Ram) and Kanimozhi (Venba), who are classmates. Kalai’s father Sarangan (KS Ravikumar) is the school’s principal, while Kani’s father (Ponvannan) and uncle (RK Suresh) are bigwigs in the village. Naturally, they oppose this romance, but Kalai gets the shock of his life when the girl tells the villagers that she isn’t in love with him. And this lie sets in motion a series of events that wreck havoc in boy’s family.
The story of Pallip Paruvathilae could have been made into a decent nostalgic film with a dose of tragedy to move us in the end, but both the writing and filmmaking are so archaic that the film turns into a test of patience. Even the scenes set in the school aren’t entertaining. In fact, they make similar scenes from the recent Uruthikol seem okayish.
While the young actors who play these roles look the part, the senior ones, especially KS Ravikumar, manage to lend some respectability to the film. But Urvashi is criminally wasted, and in trying to make her character a comical one, the director only ends up making her a shrill character.
However, the characterisation of almost every character is shallow. RK Suresh huffs and puffs, but he never convey menace, the way the chithapa character in Kadhal did. Even the lead characters are poorly etched. Is Kalai an immature young man who is unable to take no for an answer? Is he mentally unstable? We never know. As for Kani, while we understand why she lies in front of the villagers, we are never shown the turmoil that this causes her. In the end, we never come to care for any of these characters that for all the twists and turns in the script, their plight hardly moves us.


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