parthiban kanavu tamil movie
parthiban kanavu tamil movie

Parthiban Kanavu (Eng: Parthiban’s Dream) is a Tamil movie directed by Karu Pazhaniappan. The film stars Srikanth and Sneha in lead roles. It had Manivannan and Vivek in supporting roles. Sneha featured in Dual Role for the first time. Parthiban Kanavu’s score and soundtrack are composed by Vidyasagar. The film was a sleeper hit in 2003.
Parthiban (Srikanth) is a marketing executive who loves spending time with his friends. Parthiban’s parents want him to get married but he does not believe in arranged marriage and waits to see a girl as per his likes and dislikes. One day, Parthiban sees a girl (Sneha) and gets immediately attracted towards her. He follows her and finds her office location. Everyday Parthiban sees her while she is on the way to her office. Also, Parthiban gets to know that her taste and interests match with him and starts to love her.
Meanwhile Parthiban’s parents decide to get him married to Manivannan’s daughter and force him to meet her. Parthiban goes to meet the girl without any interest. But to his surprise, the girl is the same person whom he was following for a few days and gets to know that her name is Sathya (Sneha). Parthiban feels happy that he is about to marry the same girl whom he was secretly in love.
Parthiban and Sathya get married. On the way back to their home, Parthiban finds the girl in the same place where he sees her before daily. He gets shocked to know that Sathya is the look alike of the girl whom he loved. Parthiban visits the girl’s office and enquires about her. He comes to know that the other girl’s name is Janani (Sneha) and she has come for a project temporarily. Also Parthiban starts maintaining distance from his wife Sathya as he finds her interests are different from his. Sathya is a lot more responsible person and she understands that her husband is under some confusion and tolerates his behaviour. Parthiban’s friend Mano (Vivek) advises him to accept Sathya as his wife and to forget Janani. Slowly, Parthiban starts understanding his wife Sathya. But to everyone’s surprise, Janani comes to stay in a flat opposite to Parthiban’s. Sathya meets Janani and is surprised to see her look alike.
Everyone from Sathya’s family come to meet Janani and get surprised. Janani is a fun loving person who takes life in an easy manner. Parthiban does not disclose that he knew Janani before and starts befriending her. Mano understands that Parthiban is slowly moving away from his wife Sathya and is getting attracted towards Janani. So he plans to reveal everything to Janani, so that she will leave the place. Mano meets Sathya and misunderstands her as Janani (as Sathya always wears saree while Janani is in modern attire). Without knowing that it is Sathya, Mano reveals all the truth about Parthiban’s secret love towards Janani and requests her to vacate the place, so that Parthiban can lead a happy life with Sathya. Mano is shocked to know that it was Sathya and not Janani.
Sathya cries and leaves to her parents’ home. Janani wants Parthiban to meet in a temple. Janani asks about his love towards her. But Parthiban replies that he loved her before and once when he got to know about his wife Sathya’s true love towards him, he changed his mind. He also says that he will wait until Sathya changes her mind and returns to live with him. But now, it is Sathya in disguise of Janani and the meeting plan was set by Janani. Sathya feels happy hearing her husband praising her. Parthiban and Sathya lives happily while Janani vacates her flat wishing them good luck.

Directed by Karu Pazhaniappan
Produced by T. G. Thiyagarajan, Selvi Thiyagarajan & T. Arjun
Written by Karu Pazhaniappan
Starring Srikanth, Sneha, Manivannan, Vivek, Devadarshini
Music by Vidyasagar
Cinematography R. Divakaran
Edited by Suresh Urs
Production Satya Jyothi Movies
Distributed by Satya Jyothi Movies
Release dates 23 May 2003
Running time 172 mins
Language Tamil


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