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Podaa Podi (Eng: Go Boy, Go Girl) is a 2012 Indian Tamil romantic musical film written and directed by debutant Vignesh Shivan, starring Silambarasan and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. The score and soundtrack of the film were composed by Dharan Kumar, while cinematography and editing were handled by Duncan Telford and Anthony Gonsalves, respectively. The film started production in 2008 and was released on 13 November 2012, as a Diwali release. The film was dubbed and released in Telugu as Manmadhan for Sale in 2016.
Arjun (Silambarasan), an animation artist living in London with his uncle (VTV Ganesh), meets Nisha (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) in a London pub. She is an aspiring dancer who is living with her aunt Veena (Shobana). After going around together for a day, Nisha proposes a relationship, and Arjun agrees. Arjun hates Nisha attending salsa classes with her friend Mojo as her partner. However, he agrees to marry her.
After their marriage, Nisha makes it clear that she still wants to dance and enter the UK competition “Let’s Dance”, and make a career for herself. Arjun suddenly discovers that he is, at bottom, a “Pachai Thamizhan” who believes that a woman’s place is in the home (preferably the kitchen, but she has the freedom to walk from one room to another if she wants). On the advice of his uncle, he impregnates her, so that she stays away from dancing.
The birth of their first child brings happiness to their family. They go to Hong Kong Disneyland for their babymoon. After they return, in a family conversation, Arjun’s uncle mentions his “advice” of making Nisha pregnant so that she would not dance anymore. Realising that the child was the result of Arjun’s cheap plan and not love towards her, Nisha walks out. Arjun tries to console her, but gets angry when she meets a friend who greets her with a hug. Arjun, who gets immediately jealous, goes and starts fighting with her friend, while she pleads him to stop. Nisha crosses the road with her baby, which is then suddenly killed by a car. Nisha and Arjun separate and live in sorrow.
Several months later, Arjun comes to Nisha and pleads her aunt to make her come back and says that if he ever has another child (which he definitely wants) it will be only with her. She comes back, on the condition that she continues dancing. However during her practices she becomes self-conscious due to the things Arjun said to her. Her partner, Mojo, refuses to work with her so Arjun tries to convince him to come back. Arjun then ends up beating Mojo, so that she will be left without a partner and leave the competition. She convinces Arjun to be her partner, but his steps fail in the first round. Impressed by Nisha dancing skills, judges give her another chance, provided she changes her partner. Arjun convinces her to do a dappan koothu dance, which impresses the judges. But she is not happy, because they have to clear 14 rounds to win the competition. Suddenly, Arjun decides to impregnate her again. The film ends with both of them living with their new child.

Directed by Vignesh Shivan
Produced by V. Hitesh Jhabak, Padam Kumar, Meenu Kumar
Written by Vignesh Shivan
Starring Silambarasan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Music by Dharan Kumar
Cinematography Duncan Telford, J. Laxman & R. Rathnavelu
Edited by Anthony
Production Gemini Film Circuit
Distributed by Nemichand Jhabak
Release date 13 November 2012
Running time 125 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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