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Ranam (Eng: War), is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language action thriller film written and directed by Nirmal Sahadev. Ranam stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Rahman and Isha Talwar in the leading roles. Ranam was released on 6 September 2018. Ranam is also known as Detroit Crossing.
A wounded person named Aadhi narrates that how Detroit, the city that is situated in the US-Canada border, lost its charm some decades back, where he makes some curious comparisons to the plight of some of the upper caste households losing their might in Kerala and also describes how much everyone suffers from escaping to Toronto. Aadhi, who was formerly working for Damodar as a getaway driver and drug dealer, is now working in a mechanic at a garage owned by his uncle Bhaskaran, whose son Aju has a crush on his classmate Deepika, the daughter of Seema, who gave birth and got married at a young age.
Deepika, who is a drug addict, has no respect for Seema. Moreover, Rajan, who is Seema’s husband, currently has no regard for her as a wife. Being a business tycoon, Rajan is flirty and has extramarital affairs with his female colleagues and secretary. Ahmed, an investigation officer, is an ex-boyfriend of Seema, and knows about her bad condition very well. Damodar, who wants Aadhi to work under him again, decides to negotiate. Later, he entrusts Aju to transport the latest party drug Redex via Aju’s friend, who is Damodar’s aide. Aju is saved by Aadhi before he gets caught by the cops. Bhaskar sends Aju to live with his relative. Deepika, who had fallen for Aadhi , leaves her house to meet him, but Aadhi asks her to leave, where she refuses and later leaves after forcefully buying a packet of Redex from him.
That night, Deepika overdoses on Redex and dies, where Aadhi feels guilty about being responsible. Seema, who is shattered at Deepika’s death, leaves her home after finding out that Rajan is cheating on her and continuing his affairs despite his daughter’s death. While travelling to Ahmed’s house, a group of eve-teasers try to molest her, but Aadhi, who was with Seema all through the journey, saves her from them and safely drops Seema at Ahmed’s home. Ahmed’s wife is disturbed at Seema’s presence which causes Seema to voluntarily leave the house. Aadhi takes Seema to his own house, and the two of them fall for each other.
However, Seema is shattered to know from Ahmed that Aadhi is the part of the gang, which lead to her daughter’s death where she leaves his house. Damodar plans to trigger a major attack during an important festivity in the city, by killing three important aides of Antoni, the leader of the rival Polish gang. Damodar appoints his brother Selvam, Aadhi and Bhaskaran to carry out his operation. Aadhi is directed to park a car at the lot of a building in the heart of the city where the Polish gang is to have an emergency meeting. During parking of the car, Aadhi finds a bomb at the rear end that will blast in one day’s time. Bhaskar fails to carry out a killing commissioned by Damodar, where he begs Damodar to leave him and his family alone, but gets killed by Damodar.
Enraged, Aadhi finishes Selvam and confronts Damodar at the same building in which he parked the car. A fight ensues, in which Aadhi is shot dangerously, but overpowers Damodar and stabs him. It is shown that Aadhi had informed Antoni and his friends about Damodar’s location. Antoni and his thugs arrive and kill Damodar by opening fire at him. As Aadhi walks away injured, locking the door. the bomb blasts killing everyone inside. The dangerously injured Aadhi walks to Ahmed’s office and collapses. Aadhi had informed Seema to visit his house and check his car, which had an amount of money, and tells that half of it should be given to Bhaskaran’s wife and the other half is for herself, and also asks her to leave far off place for a new start. After this, A still alive Aadhi suddenly regains consciousness.

Directed by Nirmal Sahadev
Written by Nirmal Sahadev
Produced by Anand Payannur, Rani & Lawson Biju
Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Rahman, Isha Talwar
Cinematography Jigme Tenzing
Edited by Sreejith Sarang
Music by Jakes Bejoy
Production Yes Cinema Production & Lawson Entertainment
Distributed by Goodwill Entertainments
Release date 6 September 2018 (India)
Country India
Language Tamil


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