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Sagaa (Eng: Comrade) is a 2019 Tamil language crime film directed by Murugesh. It was produced by R. Selvakumar and Ramprasath. The film stars Saran, Kishore and Sree Raam. Music director Shabir composed the songs and background music.
The movie is set in the dark areas of a bustling metro. Orphans Sathya and Kadhir are raised by a local transgender woman. They are orphaned again when she is killed by her brother over a property dispute. Sathya and Kadhir avenge her death, landing them in jail.
While in jail, Kadhir is killed by a rowdy named Ganga. Sathya vows to kill Ganga. He befriends inmates Shiva and Jacky and escapes with them, but Jacky gets caught. After that, Shiva and Sathya separate. The warden learns of their escape. He catches Shiva and pushes him to reveal Sathya’s whereabouts. Shiva leads him to a house where Sathya is hiding, but is shocked to find his sweetheart Pooja instead. He is killed by the warden for showing the wrong place.
Meanwhile Sathya gets on a bus. One of the warden’s henchmen arrives to kill him. He falls in love with Aarohi, a young girl who saves him from the henchman. Later, he is seen fighting with Ganga, but Ganga is killed by Jacky. Jacky reveals that his sister Jenny was raped and killed by Ganga, and he sought revenge. Sathya beats up Ganga. The movie ends with Sathya telling Aarohi that he will come back for her one day.

Directed by Murugesh
Produced by R.Selvakumar Ramprasath
Written by Murugesh
Starring Saran, Kishore, Sree Raam, Pandi, Prithvirajan, Ayra, Ahamed, Ravi Venkatraman
Music by Shabir
Cinematography Niran Chander
Edited by Hariharan
Production Selly Cinemas
Release date 1 February 2019
Running time 122 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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