saavale samaali tamil movie
saavale samaali tamil movie

Savaale Samaali is an 2015 Indian Tamil comedy movie written and directed by Sathyasiva. The film features Ashok Selvan and Bindu Madhavi in the lead roles. Produced by actor C. Arunpandian, the film features music composed by S. Thaman. The film began production in June 2014 under the working title Kekae Bokae.
The story is about Karthi (Ashok Selvan, who’s quite at home playing the protagonist) and his friend, Billa (Jagan), trying to bring their employer, Top TV, to… well, the top. The channel is heavily in debt, and can’t even afford to pay its employees. For some reason though, its employees don’t have a problem with that. The film is just gag after gag — a few that are funny — thrown at you until, as is the norm in such films, it all comes together in a big puddle of confused ‘hilarity’ at the end. The jokes include snarky one-liners to grandmas drinking beer to straightforward insults on hairy men. In between, there is a gaana song somewhere (featuring Aishwariyaa) which turns the table on the usual female-bashing, or so it seems for the first part, until the hero steps in to set things right by accusing women for all things gone wrong, and at one point, even asking for them to be killed and to be turned into pickle. Why ‘pickle’? Because the song, naturally, happens at a TASMAC bar. Karthi’s distress, of course, has to do with a girl — his sister’s friend (Bindu Madhavi) — not reciprocating his ‘love’.

Directed by Sathyasiva
Produced by C. Arunpandian, Kavitha Pandian, S. N. Rajarajan
Starring Ashok Selvan, Bindu Madhavi, Nassar, Jagan, Karunas
Music by Thaman
Cinematography Shelvakumar
Edited by Ahamed
Production K Productions & D Focus
Release dates 4 September 2015
Country India
Language Tamil


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