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shenbaga kottai tamil movie

Shengaba Kottai is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language horror film directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam, starring Jayaram in the lead role. The story and screenplay is written by Dinesh Palleth. The major filming locations are Palani and Thodupuzha. Film released on 20 May 2016.
Satyajith (Jayaram) is a wealthy businessman who is haunted by some visions. On his psychiatrist’s advice, he meets a yogi (Om Puri). The yogi tells him that the property, Chempakakottai, which he bought 2 years ago, is the reason for his visions and that some spirits are waiting to take revenge against him by killing his family and friends. He also says that soil taken from four corners of the kottai should be brought to him. Satyajith sends his friend to take the soil. Although his friend who does not believe in ghosts manages to get the soil, he is brutally beaten up and put in the ICU. Satyajith takes the soil to the yogi who puts it with some statues and does some karmas in three bags. He tells Satyajith to take the two bags to a priest and a musalyar while the third one is left with him.
Later, the yogi asks him to stay in the house before the next full moon, 13 days from then as the spirit gets full powers on that day. The yogi gives them a raksha to be buried in front of the house. Satyajith and his friends go there.Meanwhile, the ghost kills one of his friend. The sequence of events from then take Satyajith back in time and reminds him of the bad things that happened in that house.
The story unfolds that years before he married a single mother named Mathangi by showing love and care for her little daughter just in order to capture Chempakakottai. After a series of incidents, Mathangi and Malli gets trapped in Chempakakottai. After living there without food and water Malli dies due to starvation. It is Malli’s ghost which returns to torture him.

Directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam
Produced by Haseeb Haneef & Noushad Alathur
Written by Dinesh Pallath
Starring Jayaram, Ramya Krishnan, Om Puri, Sheelu Abraham, Ramesh Pisharody, Saju Navodaya, Akshara Kishor
Narrated by Siddique
Music by Ratheesh Vegha
Cinematography Jithu Damodar
Edited by Sandeep Nandakumar
Production Grande Film Corporation
Distributed by Anto Joseph Film Company
Release dates 20 May 2016
Country India
Language Malayalam / Tamil


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