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Shivalinga is Tamil action horror comedy film directed by P. Vasu, starring Raghava Lawrence and Ritika Singh in the leading roles. Shivalinga is a remake of Vasu’s earlier 2016 Kannada film of the same name, the project began production in July 2016. The climax revelation scene was reported to have similarities with director’s own 1999 movie Malabar Police.
Raheem (Shakthi Vasudevan) and his well-trained pigeon Saara are alone in a coach aboard a train when a blind man enters and reached to an open door. Raheem saves the man, but the man, who is not blind and is a killer turns and throws Raheem off the moving train to his death. Raheem’s death is ruled a suicide, but Raheem’s fiancee Sangeetha (Saara Deva) knows that Raheem had no reason to kill himself. The same night, Raheem appears in Sangeetha’s dream and says that he was murdered. The following day, Raheem’s case is forwarded to the CID at Sangeetha’s request.
Shivalingeshwaran aka Shivalingesh (Raghava Lawrence) is a strict CID officer who is married to a thrill-seeker named Sathya (Ritika Singh). The two live in a house that is near a cemetery. Shiva is assigned Raheem’s case and begins the investigation. The same night, Sathya sees a ghost of a child, and Sathya is frightened by this. However, Shivalingesh cannot see the ghost and thinks that Sathya is imagining it. The following day, Shivalingesh visits Raheem’s home to investigate Raheem’s relationship with his father and with Sangeetha. Shivalingesh suspects Sangeetha’s father Krishnamoorthy (Radha Ravi) is responsible for Raheem’s death as he disapproved Raheem & Sangeetha’s love.
Sathya’s behavior becomes erratic. She drives around the city while wearing a black dress, she’s redecorated the house with green curtains and lights, and she has cooked Biriyani, even though she has never made the dish before. Later a house servant Pattukunjam (Vadivelu) and a few other maids tell Shivalingesh about Sathya’s strange behavior. Shivalingesh meets his friend Ashok, who is a psychiatrist. He advises Shivalingesh to observe her behavior secretly. That night, Shivalingesh returns home early. He hears a man’s voice and smells a cigar burning. He heads to Sathya’s room and is shocked to discover that Raheem’s soul has possessed Sathya’s body. Raheem warns Shivalingesh, that he must solve Raheem’s murder.
Shivalingesh accesses the security footage at the railway station and discovers that a person, who was acting as a blind man is the killer. Shivalingesh tracks down the killer and chases him, finally cornering him on a train coach with no passengers. Sathya, who is still possessed by Raheem, enters and demands to know why the man killed him. The man tries to escape by jumping out of the moving train, but falls to his death. Shivalingesh takes Sathya to Darga, where they meet and informs Sathya’s mother Sarala (Bhanupriya) only. Baba (Pradeep Rawat) helps them to exorcise Raheem’ soul out but temporary. He tells Shivalingesh that solving Raheem’s case is the only solution for saving Sathya.
Shivalingesh starts the investigation piece by piece, and Raheem’s pigeon Saara helps Shivalingesh by giving clues. Shiva interrogates Sathya at the CID Conference Hall regarding Raheem. Sathya reveals that Raheem gets her iPad, which was robbed by a pickpocketer and returns it back. Sathya gets a snap of Raheem for the sake of friendship. Sathya’s friend felt jealous, as he was in love with Sathya only for his feelings to be not reciprocated and denied by Sathya. With a wrath of ruining Sathya’s life, he had made a call to Sathya’s residential landline. It was Sathya’s father Viswanathan (Jayaprakash), who was spying on Sathya’s activities, lifted the call and heard the entire conversation, which made him wrath to harm the innocent Raheem.
Then after unveiling the truth, the ghost of Raheem possess Sathya and threatens everyone present in the hall. Sathya’s father begs for forgiveness as he intended to harm Raheem but not to kill him. Then, it is revealed that a pigeon race organiser (Zakir Hussain) hired the assassin, who acted as a blind man to kill Raheem as Raheem and Saara are the continuous champions of the pigeon race which drives the organiser in jealousy. Raheem begs to leave Sathya’s body and allow him to possess Shivalingesh in order to provide justice to himself. The possessed Shivalingesh kills all the henchmen, while allowing Raheem to exit his body and possess and kill the pigeon race organiser. In the end credits, Shivalingesh and a pregnant Sathya get reunited.

Directed by P. Vasu
Produced by R. Ravindran
Written by P. Vasu
Based on Shivalinga By P. Vasu
Starring Raghava Lawrence, Shakthi, Ritika Singh, Radha Ravi, Vadivelu, Urvashi
Music by S. S. Thaman
Cinematography Sarvesh Murari
Edited by Suresh Urs
Production Trident Arts
Distributed by Across Films
Release date 14 April 2017
Running time 156 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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Shivalinga Shivalinga Shivalinga Shivalinga

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