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Sinamkol is a 2020 Tamil-language war drama film directed by Ranjith Joseph and starring Aravindhan. It is a Sri Lankan-Indian co-production.
Sinamkol is a compelling political story set eight years after the Sri Lankan Civil War. It is a story of a Tamil Eelam soldier Amudhan, his incredible journey and tribunals, as he searches for his wife and daughter after being released from detention by the genocidal Sri Lankan regime.
The film describes the hardships of the lives of many Tamil soldiers in Sri Lanka. It portrays the political situations of the Tamils in their homeland through the eyes of Amudhan. Parallel to which, a Tamil family from diaspora visiting Tamil Eelam encounters troubles of post-war challenges. Sinamkol carries a powerful political message of post-war challenges faced by the minority Tamils.

Directed by Ranjith Joseph
Written by Theepachelvan & Ranjith Joseph
Based on Aftermath of Sri Lankan Civil War
Produced by Raja Jayakulasingham, Karikalan, Gayathiri Ranjith & Bakialakhmi Venkatesh
Starring Aravindhan, Narvini Dery Ravishangar, Leelawathy, Sinthar Athith, Mathumathi
Cinematography M R Palanikumaar
Edited by Arunachalam Sivalingam
Music by N. R. Raghunanthan
Production Skymagic Pictures & Bakialakhmi Talkies
Release date 4 January 2020
Running time 121 minutes
Countries India / Sri Lanka
Language Tamil


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