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Super Deluxe is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language neo-noir film co written, co produced and directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja. It features Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil, Samantha, Ramya Krishnan, Vijay Ram, Abdul Jabbar, Noble K James, Naveen, and Jayanth in leading roles in separate segments while Mysskin, Gayathrie, Ashwanth Ashokkumar, and Bagavathi Perumal play supporting roles. P. S. Vinod and Nirav Shah handled the cinematography, while Yuvan Shankar Raja was the music director for Super Deluxe . Directors Nalan Kumarasamy, Neelan K. Sekar and Mysskin have written the additional screenplay for this film. Super Deluxe was released in theatres on 29 March 2019 and received positive critical acclaim. Super Deluxe has garnered the “Equality in Cinema Award” at the 2019 Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.
Vaembu and Mugil’s plot starts in their home with the death of Vaembu’s ex-boyfriend during sexual intercourse with Vaembu, while her husband Mugil was away. Mugil returns home, and is requested by the neighbors to accommodate some guests. During this ordeal Mugil finds out about the dead body, Vaembu confesses the affair and the eventual death of the ex-boyfriend, and tells her husband she will surrender to the police and accept her punishment. Mugil rejects Vaembu’s suggestion, saying it would ruin him and his family’s image. With the uninvited guests at home, they struggle to contain the situation. They talk about how they are both dissatisfied with their marriage. Eventually, they manage to get the corpse out of town but they are still caught by Berlin, a corrupted senior police officer. Berlin blackmails the couple for sexual favor from Vaembu, in exchange to contain the situation and get rid of the corpse. Mugil, in a confused state, tells Vaembu the consequences if they refuse, and urges her to accept the deal. Shattered, Vaembu still refuses, but realizes there are no options left them. Berlin continues to take advantage of the situation and demands his end of the deal there and then. Threatening with his gun, Berlin then instructs Vaembu to handcuff her husband to the car, and tells her to lie down. As he advances towards Vaembu, intending to rape her, a TV hits him on his head, he collapses and dies. The couple dispose both the dead bodies. Mugil forgives Vaembu and they reconcile.
Shilpa’s plot starts with a family eagerly expecting the return of Jyothi’s husband Manickam, who absconded the family seven years ago. To their shock, Manickam arrives back from Bombay as a trans woman named Shilpa. The family reacts in various ways to her transition. Shilpa and Jyothi’s 7-year old son, Rasukutty, who has been desperately longing the return of his father wants to take Shilpa to school. Rasukutty wants to introduce Shilpha to his friends, and prove them wrong about their mockery of him for being a test-tube baby. Raskutty and Shilpa set off to the school, but on the way there Raskutty needs the toilet. While in the toilet a cop becomes suspicious of Shilpa and drags her and Rasukutty to the police station. Berlin, the same corrupt senior police officer at the station, intervenes and orally rapes Shilpa. He eventually lets Shilpa and Rasukutty go and they arrive at the school. Shilpa once more faces humiliation at the entrance of the school by the school watchmen and is refused entry. Rasukutty enters the school by himself, telling Shilpa to wait as he goes to get his friends. The school watchmen, a father of another student and a few other students continue to harass and humiliate Shilpa. Distressed and ashamed Shilpa buys tickets to return to Bombay. On the way home from school Shilpa loses Rasukutty. Shocked and distressed Shilpa starts to search for Rasukutty desperately, again encountering Berlin in the process, but this time, they enter into a tussle when he finds out that Shilpa is bald. Shilpa curses Berlin in the style of a trans woman (their curse is feared by many to turn out true) to die. Eventually, she finds him at home. Rasukutty reveals he knows about Shilpa’s intention of abandoning them again, and confronts her emotionally. Shilpa realises that Rasukutty and Jyothi accept her as she is, she cancels her plan and decides to stay with her family.
The boys’ plot starts with all boys skipping school and gathering to watch pornographic film at Thuyavan’s home. As soon as the porn film starts, Soori is left in shock and anger upon seeing his mother Leela in the movie. He breaks the TV in anger and runs away crying, Mohan follows to console him. Thuyavan, afraid of his father finding out about the broken TV, asks help of remaining two friends, Balaji and Vasanth, to find money to buy a new TV to replace the broken on. They accept a job from the local don, but fail miserably. On failing to cut the deal with the don, they are left with an additional burden of more lump sum requirement before EOD. They decide to steal money from a Set. They initially sneak into his home and escape out with few currency notes. But later they find that those are old demonetized currency and plans to steal from Set again. When they enter Set’s home again, they are confronted by a teenage girl (Mirnalini Ravi). She appears to have magical powers and strips down to reveal she is an alien. She reveals that the Set who was lying on the sofa was her companion and has just died, and so she needs a new companion now. The girl takes interest in Balaji, one of the boys and clones him. One clone stays with her and the other joins his friends. The friends get the money from her and then they buy a new TV and throw away the old one which co-incidentally is the TV which hits Berlin on his head and results in his death (a result of Shilpa’s curse).
Leela’s plot starts with Soori, who is angrily running towards her with a screwdriver upon finding out she was in a porn film. As he is climbing the stairs to reach Leela, he trips and he stabs himself in the abdomen. He is taken to the hospital, and his father Arputham is informed about this accident. Arputham is a lone survivor from a tsunami who believes that he was saved by God in the form of a statue which he held onto when the tsunami struck. He devotes himself to this god and strongly believes that this god can cure all illness, however on this particular day he is reluctant to give service to the followers. Learning about Soori’s condition, he rushes to the hospital and brings the wounded Soori back to his chapel, believing that his prayers would cure him. Then, Leela forcefully takes back Soori to the hospital and struggles to arrange medical expenses. It is revealed that Arputham, who struggles to find money, has begun to question his faith in God after a conversation with Shilpa the day before. During this conversation, Shilpa confesses she feels deep shame and guilt for snatching and delivering children to criminals that injure children and force then to beg on the streets to get money. Arputham states that her confession is the worst that he has ever heard, and there is no forgiveness for her. Shilpa decides to return home to search for her son, but before leaving tells Arputham that she too survived the tsunami by holding onto a rock too. Remembering back to this Arputham, in the present time, begins to doubt himself. He continues to pray for his son, but eventually ends up accidentally breaking the statue and finds diamonds in it. It is revealed that the diamonds are from a sunken Italian pirate ship. He uses the diamonds and saves Soori, but continues to think about his beliefs and religion.
Just before the end credits, the three friends who were in pursuit of buying a new TV go to watch a porn movie at the theater. The movie starts with a doctor speaking about the existence of life and then a sequence of scenes follows where various characters explain the origin of life, the design pattern and similarity of universe, solar system and atomic structure of atoms. And finally Super Deluxe ends with the opening title of the porn movie which is “Vaazhvin Ragasiyam” (The Secret of Life).

Directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Produced by Thiagarajan Kumararaja, S. D. Ezhilmathy, Kumaresan Vadivelu, Sathyaraj Natarajan & Swathi Raghuraman
Screenplay by Mysskin, Nalan Kumarasamy, Neelan K. Sekar & Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Story by Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Starring Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil, Samantha, Ramya Krishnan
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography P. S. Vinod & Nirav Shah
Edited by Sathyaraj Natarajan
Production Tyler Durden and Kino Fist & East West Dream Works Entertainment & Alchemy Vision Workz
Distributed by YNOTX
Release date 29 March 2019
Running time 176 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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