theethum nandrum
theethum nandrum tamil film

Theethum Nandrum is a 2021 Indian Tamil action drama film written and directed by Rasu Ranjith. He also edited the film and featured in the lead role alongside actresses Aparna Balamurali and Lijomol Jose. The film was released on 12 March 2021.
Dass (Eesan), Siva (Rasu Ranjith), and Maaran (Sandeep Raj) are burglars who always manage to escape the clutches of the law. Dass gets married to Sumathi (Aparna Balamurali), and Siva is in love with Thamizh (Lijomol Jose). One fine day, Sumathi, who is aware of Dass’s livelihood is, tells him that she is pregnant and requests him to quit his illegal endeavors. Dass doesn’t oblige and secretly continues burglary with his friends and is caught by the police. After they are released from jail, they encounter challenges in their lives, with the born child being sick. Both the friends lives are in shambles. They connect with Maaran and commit one more burglary, but everything goes awry when Maaran double crosses them.

Directed by Rasu Ranjith
Produced by H. Charles Immanuvel
Starring Rasu Ranjith, Aparna Balamurali, Lijomol Jose
Cinematography Kevin Raj
Edited by Rasu Ranjith
Music by C. Sathya
Production NH Hari Silverscreens
Release date 12 March 2021
Running time 138 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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