thoongathey thambi thoongathey
thoongathey thambi thoongathey tamil movie

Thoongathey Thambi Thoongathey is a 1983 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by SP. Muthuraman, starring Kamal Haasan in double role, supported by Radha and Sulakshana. It was a blockbuster and completed 263-day run at the box office.
An unemployed degree holder (Gopi) from a middle class society and a rich graduate (Vinod) from high society returning from abroad after his father’s death. In order to claim the property of Vinod, the estate manager (Vinuchakravarthy) with his mob guys assaults him and make him a drug addict by repeated injections administered by a fake doctor (Janagaraj). Radha’s father (Danaal Thangavelu) a family friend of the Vinod’s father, together with Radha (lover of Gopi) come to the estate on an excursion. Due to her curiosity, she sees Vinod and finds out that he is in a dangerous state of health due to the drug addiction. Radha later learns that Gopi and Vinod are twins separated at birth. With the help of the house’s servant (Srinivasan), Radha replaces Vinod with Gopi and sends him to his mother’s house to save him. Gopi takes it upon himself to save the estate and properties from the hands of Vinuchakravarthy and Senthamarai.

Directed by SP. Muthuraman
Produced by M. Saravanan & M. Balasubramaniam
Written by Panchu Arunachalam
Starring Kamal Haasan, Radha, Sulakshana, Jamuna, Vinu Chakravarthy, Senthamarai
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography Babu
Edited by R. Vittal
Production AVM Productions
Distributed by AVM Productions
Release dates 4 November 1983
Country India
Language Tamil


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