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Thupparivaalan (Eng: Detective) is a 2017 Indian action thriller film written and directed by Mysskin. Thupparivaalan is produced by Vishal, who also stars in the lead role. Thupparivaalan also features Prasanna, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea Jeremiah and Vinay. The project was launched in March 2016, and was released on 14 September 2017. The film and its titular hero was loosely inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective character, Sherlock Holmes; he has been given the credits in the opening of the film. Thupparivaalan was a commercial success and were appreciated by audiences and critics.
Thupparivaalan starts with Dhiwakar, a software engineer (Vincent Asokan), his wife, his son, and his daughter, celebrating his birthday on the rooftop of his apartment. A sudden lightning strike kills him and his son. His wife (Simran), Mrs Dhivakar and his daughter watch in horror, as they are burnt to death. At a movie theatre, a man gropes a woman and a small commotion ensues, which was stopped by an ACP Paul Dhanarajan, who later dies in the middle of a police conference. The movie shifts to Detective Kaniyan Poongundran (Vishal), who lives with his friend and colleague, Manohar (Prasanna) is furious that he does not have a case worthy of his mettle. Later, Kaniyan and Manohar come across Mallika (Anu Emmanuel), who is forced into pick-pocketing by her uncle (Ravi Mariya), who is an alcoholic. Kaniyan intimidates her uncle, causing him to reform all of a sudden and offers her a job.
One day a small schoolboy, Naveen visits Kaniyan and Manohar with a case that his pet dog Nemo, a Pomeranian, was shot dead and asks him to find out the killer. He gives him the bullet collected from the dog’s body. With his investigation and the help of a friend, who works in the sciences section of the police department and had asked Kaniyan’s help on a previous case, he finds out that it is a 9mm bullet and had been ricocheted from the dog. At the crime scene, he finds a tooth, with which he collects information about it from a dental hospital and tracks its owner as Swarnavel (Ashvatt), who formerly was a physics professor in an university and had divorced his wife before two years, for he blamed her for the death of their son and is presently living alone and working as a stockbroker. Meanwhile, a man named Kamalesh (John Vijay) visits a travel agency to deliver a sofa stashed with money. He delivers it to a group of five members who run the travel agency, Devil (Vinay Rai), Muthu (Bhagyaraj), Pritha (Andrea Jeremiah), a stout man (Dheeraj Rathnam) and a bald-headed man (Siddhanth Venkatesh), who are all believed to be assassins.
Manohar goes in search of Swarnavel to his apartment but finds it locked. He gets chased by some men who were hired by the group. Kaniyan fights them all single handed. At night, Kaniyan and Manohar searched the house for evidence. They observe that someone has already removed a book about lightning from the table. Kaniyan recollects a news article about an incident that involves the deaths of Dhivakar and his son and rushes to Mrs Dhivakar’s house, to inquire about it. She reveals that a thunder occurred in the beginning, followed by lightning, which struck Dhivakar and their son. Kaniyan finds out that Swarnavel was present in a nearby construction site on the date of the incident. He concludes that it was an artificial lightning devised by Swarnavel to kill Dhivakar, as lightning travels faster than sound so the thunder could not have been heard first. When the assassins learn that Kaniyan is on their tail, Devil disposes of Swarnavel’s body, who was killed earlier when he, ridden with guilt, proposed to surrender.
Later, Kaniyan and Manohar visits Dhivakar’s office and learns that a tender, which was to be awarded to Dhivakar, is now with Ram Prasad (Jayaprakash), the chairman and head of the company Dhivakar competed with. Before they could reach him, Ram Prasad is assassinated by the gang, who were trying to save themselves and are employed by him to kill Dhivakar. Infuriated that their client, Ram Prasad had to be killed, Kamalesh hires some Chinese mercenaries to kill Kaniyan in a Chinese restaurant. He manages to survive by defeating all of them in a fight using his martial art skills and track them back down to Kamalesh. Before he could reach Kamalesh, Kamalesh is killed by Pritha and made it look like a heavy dosage of Viagra. A chase ensues between Kaniyan, Pritha and the bald-headed man. Surrounded by Kaniyan and the police force, the bald-headed man kills himself by performing seppuku while Pritha escapes amidst the commotion. The next day in a shopping mall, Pritha makes a failed attempt to kill Kaniyan, who is saved by Mallika.
Kaniyan and Manohar meet Police Inspector Madhivanan and the current ACP, Vijayakumar (Shaji Chen) in a hotel, where yet another failed assassin attempt is made. Muthu plans to inject Kaniyan with a poison dart, but Manohar was caught in the cross-fire. He is rushed to the hospital and Kaniyan reveals that Paul was also killed by this similar move. They raid the travel agency using the address from the bank card used in the theatre. Devil kills Muthu at his home, knowing the police are on his trail. They find some physics books related to lightning and a machine that emits lighting artificially. Later that day, Kaniyan receives an SMS threat that his beloved ones are in danger. He ensures Manohar is safe in the hospital, but could not save Mallika. She was brutally stabbed in her abdomen. Before dying, she gives Devil’s cell phone to Kaniyan. It is later revealed that MadhivananAbhishek Shankar was an informer for Devil.
Kaniyan, Manohar and a team of police personnel go in search of Devil to a mangrove forest. All of them die except Kaniyan, Manohar and ACP. Later Kaniyan and ACP are caught by the Devil, as he blackmails them with Naveen who initiated this case. Tied by a rope, Kaniyan reveals the whereabouts of Devil and lets him know, the police are already informed of this. Dejected by this, Devil tries to stab Kaniyan but Manohar manages to untie him. Eventually, Kaniyan stabs the Devil multiple times. In his dying moments, Devil tells Naveen he is sorry for killing his dog. Later as Naveen returns home from school, he finds a Pomeranian puppy along with a note bearing Kaniyan’s name, in a basket at his doorstep.

Directed by Mysskin
Produced by Vishal
Written by Mysskin
Starring Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea Jeremiah
Music by Arrol Corelli
Cinematography Karthik Venkatraman
Edited by N Arun kumar
Production Vishal Film Factory
Distributed by Madras Enterprises
Release date 14 September 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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Thupparivaalan Thupparivaalan Thupparivaalan

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