TN 07 AL 4777
TN 07 AL 4777 tamil movie

TN-07 AL 4777 is a 2009 Tamil drama thriller film directed by A. Lakshmikanthan. The film stars Pasupathy, Ajmal Ameer, Simran Bagga and Meenakshi in the lead roles. The film’s soundtrack, composed by Vijay Antony was released on 12 December 2008. TN-07 AL 4777 is a remake of the 2006 Hindi Language film Taxi Number 9211 which in itself is a remake of the American film Changing Lanes (2002). Pooja Umashankar makes a special appearance in the film.
Produced by GV Films, the movie revolves around two main characters – a taxi driver and a rich young man played by Pasupathy and Ajmal respectively. All credit to Lakshmikanthan for his apt characterization. They live the character coming out with a brisk performance. Unlike recent run-of-the-mill stuff, the movie has a good storyline to boast of with catchy dialogues sure to evoke applause in theatres.
The aspirations of the poor and the rich, their outlook on life have been captured well. In a nutshell, it is about two different persons belonging to different strata of the society. They meet in a ride and a chain of reaction begins.
Pasupathy plays Mani, a hot -tempered cab driver. He leads a contended life with his wife Subbulakshmi (Simran), who thinks that her husband is an insurance agent.
Mani comes across Gautham (Ajmal), a rich spoilt son of a businessman. Gautham has a peculiar problem. He comes into contact with Mani and also comes to know that he would be losing several crore of his father’s property to a trustee unless he produces his father’s will.
An accident leaves Mani and Gautham part ways from the taxi leaving the locker key in Mani’s cab. He gets arrested. Eventually, Gautham informs Subbulakshmi that her husband is behind bars and that he is not an insurance agent but a cab driver. Ruckus breaks in their house. What happens next forms the climax.
Pasupathy plays the role of a cab driver with finesse. His rough looks and cool body language evokes applause. He has done justice to the role done by talented actor Nana Patekar in Hindi. It’s not an exaggeration if we could term him as our own Nana for Tamil filmdom.
Ajmal has left his bad boy image in ‘Anjathae’ and comes out with a new demeanor this time. He has brought out emotions well on screen. At many places, his character reminds one of a role played by Madhavan in ‘Anbae Sivam’. He is cool, suave and trendy.
His emotional turmoil has been brought out well. Simran hogs limelight with her decent portrayal. As a devout housewife, she fits the bill well. Meenakshi fulfills the oomph factor. Though she has no major bearing on the story, she plays her part well.
Vijay Anthony’s musical score is hip-hop and trendy captured well on screen.
Lakshmikanthan deserves a pat for choosing a right script for remake in Tamil making suitable changes that would find favor with the Tamil crowd.
All said, the very fact that it is a remake lingers on our mind ever since the word go. But for others, it is a movie sans any bumpy ride.

Directed by A. Lakshmikanthan
Produced by Mahadevan Ganesh & Usha Venkatraman
Written by A. Lakshmikanthan
Story by Rajat Arora
Starring Pasupathy, Ajmal Ameer, Simran Bagga, Meenakshi
Narrated by Jeeva
Music by Vijay Antony
Cinematography R. B. Gurudev
Distributed by G. V. Films
Release date 20 February 2009
Running time 115 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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