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Uruthikol opens with Sasi (Kishore) tailing a man up a desolate cliff. He suspects this guy could be one of the kidnappers who has sister, and soon overhears the man telling an accomplice that the girl is dead.
The film then flashes back into the past, to Sasi’s childhood, and then to his school days — when he is in Class 12, to be precise. We are introduced to his middle-class family, which includes his sister Yasodha. At school, Sasi falls in love with Priyanka (Meghna), a Class 10 student, and she, too, begins to reciprocate his feelings. The not studious Sasi decides to cheat in his exams and this results in him getting thrown out of his by his father, and later even ending up in jail.
Meanwhile, a gang of men are targeting young couples who seek some privacy in deserted areas, stealing their money and sexually abusing the girls. When Yasodha goes missing, Sasi decides to track these men down and get his revenge.
Uruthikol could have been a decent action romance about a happy-go-lucky guy’s progression into a revenge-seeking youngster, like say a Naan Mahaan Alla. But the writing and execution are both amateurish that the film never holds our interest. Director Ayyanar spends a lot of time giving us the pranks that students play in school. Maybe he wanted his audiences to feel nostalgic about their school days, for the events that we get are very much relatable to anyone who has gone to school in a small town. But these are filmed with the sensibility of Tamil TV serials, and the performances are never quite there for us to engage with these characters.
Even when the film changes tone, it feels somewhat forced rather than seeming organic. Ayyanar, especially, wants the climax to be tragic, and so, he throws in a twist of sorts and amps up the gore, but it doesn’t feel heart-stopping at all as none of the relationship arcs in the film — between Sasi and Yasodha/ Priyanka/ his dad — are well developed.


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