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V1, also known as V1 Murder Case, is a 2019 Tamil thriller film directed by actor Pavel Navageethan in his directorial debut. The film stars Ram Arun Castro and Vishnupriya.
The film begins with the murder of a girl who was in a live-in relationship. Quite naturally, the investigation, led by Ram Arun Castro (Agni) and Vishnu Priya (Luna), begins with her partner and another guy who was after her. Agni is a nyctophobiac, and this poses a threat to him during the course of the investigation. There are some realistic scenes like the one where Agni asks his forensic team to come up with their analysis of a crime scene. With some decently written scenes and performances by the lead, the story manages to engage us in the first half.
However, the latter half goes downhill as the logic goes haywire and the plot takes unnecessary diversions. Though some scenes may have looked good on paper, they test our patience and appear irrelevant. The crucial climax scene, where the killer and his reason for murder are established, lacks conviction because of the weak performance.
The two positive aspects of the movie are the absence of songs and the presence of a strong female lead with whom the protagonist doesn’t have any romantic track. Ram Arun and Vishnupriya are apt in their respective roles.

Directed by Pavel Navageethan
Produced by Arvind Dharmaraj, N A Ramu & Sarvanan Ponraj
Starring Ram Arun Castro, Vishnupriya
Music by Ronnie Raphel
Cinematography Krishnasekar T.S
Edited by C.S. Prem Kumar
Distributed by Positive Print Studios
Release date 27 December 2019
Country India
Language Tamil


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