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Vaanathaippola (Eng: Like the Sky) is a 2000 Tamil family drama film written and directed by Vikraman. Vaanathaippola features Vijayakanth in dual lead roles as well as Prabhu Deva, Meena, Livingston, Kausalya and Anju Aravind. Produced by Venu Ravichandran under Oscar Films, the film has a score and soundtrack composed by S. A. Rajkumar and cinematography handled by Arthur A. Wilson. Vaanathaippola tells the story of a caring brother who makes sacrifices to ensure his three younger brothers succeed in life.
Vellaichaamy (Vijayakanth) thinks the world of his three brothers, even giving up marriage when he learns that the woman he loves plans to send them to a hostel after the wedding. The brothers live with their grandmother (S. N. Lakshmi). He works hard to raise them and they too reciprocate his love and affection. The eldest of the three, Muthu (Vijayakanth again), is a cook in a small hotel, When Vellachamy learns that Muthu is in love with his childhood playmate Gowri (Meena) he goes to the city to his friend (Rajiv) with the marriage proposal. Only to be insulted! Circumstances bring Muthu to the city, to the girl’s palatial bungalow where he works as a cook. The girl is arrogant and rude till she realises that Muthu is her childhood pal. And now it is she who does all the wooing and persuades her father to get her married to Muthu.
One expects fireworks when she enters the rustic home of Muthu. But she happily blends into the sugary ambience. Her father, the business tycoon, does make some unpleasant noise in the background, but gives up soon enough. Shanmugam(Livingston), the second, who is training to be an inspector, is married to Vellaichamy’s friend’s daughter Sumathi (Anju Aravind). Initially she too is rude and insulting to Vellachamy but due to her astrological reasons made her to speak like that, she too turns out to be a good lady.
The third brother Selvam (Prabhudeva) is a doctor. The brother has a girl friend Nandini (Kausalya) a talkative and vivacious girl. But she has just to meet Vellachamy and she becomes one more addition to the ‘love Vellachamy’ brigade. She however turns out to be the daughter of Vellachamy’s enemy (Devan). The latter refuses to get his daughter married to Vellaichamy’s brother. But apart from taking a promise from Vellachamy that he would leave the village once the marriage was over, gives his consent. Kausalya’s cousin (who wanted to marry her for the wealth) kidnaps her but Muthu saves her. Vellachamy returns and re unites with his family.

Directed by Vikraman
Produced by V. Ravichandran
Written by Vikraman
Starring Vijayakanth, Prabhu Deva, Meena, Livingston, Kausalya, Anju Aravind
Music by S. A. Rajkumar
Cinematography Arthur A. Wilson
Edited by V. Jaishankar
Production Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
Distributed by Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
Release dates 14 January 2000
Running time 158 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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