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Vidivelli (Eng: The Morning Star) is a 1960 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by C. V. Sridhar. The film has Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi and M. N. Rajam in the lead roles; Ganesan also produced it under Prabhuram Pictures, a subsidiary of his own company Sivaji Films. The film focuses on a brother who steals a diamond necklace for his sister’s happy life. But the necklace itself becomes a problem. The rest of the story deals with what is the secret of the necklace and how the brother solves this puzzle.
Vidivelli was released on 31 December 1960. The film was a critical and commercial success, running for over 100 days in theatres.
Chandru has a sister Meena who is married to Ravi. But her in-laws insist on a diamond necklace, without which she cannot join her husband. So, Chandru steals a diamond necklace with a locket and then Meena joins her husband. He and his mother move to Madras where he finds a job in a company owned by a wealthy man. He falls in love with the man’s daughter Chitra. One day, the necklace falls down and the locket opens, revealing the photograph of a man. Ravi and the others at home want to know who he is. Meena says she has never seen him. But suspecting the worst, she is sent back to her parental home.
Meanwhile, Chandru saves his boss from a huge loss, and the boss gives him a handsome sum. Chandru buys another necklace with that money and Meena goes back to her husband. However, Chandru’s boss dismisses him to keep him away from Chitra. Chandru goes to the police station and surrenders himself for the theft. He later realises that the earlier necklace belongs to Chitra, and the person in the locket is her brother who died at war. However, the father denies he ever had a son. How the puzzle is solved forms the rest of the film.

Directed by C. V. Sridhar
Produced by Sivaji Ganesan
Written by C. V. Sridhar
Starring Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi, K. Balaji, M. N. Rajam, S. V. Ranga Rao
Music by A. M. Rajah
Cinematography A. Vincent
Edited by N. M. Shankar
Production Prabhuram Pictures
Distributed by Sivaji Films
Release date 31 December 1960
Running time 126 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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