yamuna tamil movie
yamuna tamil movie

Yamuna is a 2013 Tamil movie directed by E. V. Ganeshbabu. The film stars Sathya, Sri Ramya, Aadukalam Naren and Vinodhini Vaidyanathan. Yamuna is a total low profile movie which has hit the screens lately which has newcomers Sathya and SriRamya in the lead. Sathya has some great experience from the school of Balu Mahendra and also institutes whilst Ramya is already a pretty known face in Tollywood. She is also the Nandhi Awardee for “1940 lo ok gramam” in Telugu. Ganesh Babu, who has acted in Kutty, Mozhi, Autograph and Bharathi is donning the hat of a director. The movie is produced by Sri Hari Balaji movies and has Elakkiyan crooning the music along with Chidambaram for cinematography.
Bhaskar (Sathya) is a nomad with a happy-go-lucky attitude and plays the usual lad with no big intentions however always surrounded by a bunch of like-minded friends. The usual friendship elements and fancy jokes among guys is their daily agenda, however Bhaskar’s relationship with his father is rotten and he is constantly mocked for his attitude. Enter the lady of the hour Yamuna (Sriramya) the girl who makes any guy to fall in love almost instantly.
As usual it’s the tale of Romeo chasing Juliet in his desperate attempts failing curtly every time. His antics to win her love is comical and the formula is done and dusted with suicide attempts and all that we can dream off. Eventually Bhaskar does win the heart of Yamuna is elated as usual any guy would. The film reaches the point of boredom when the twists start kicking in. Chandrika played by Vinothini is a venal lady who also takes care of Yamuna and detests everything. The portrayal of the pain and agony that Chandrika delivers are some scenes reminiscent, yet directed well.
With all the love and happening, Yamuna vanishes in thin air untold to anyone. Its pain stacking for Bhaskar and the search goes in vain, however she returns after a few days and does not utter a single word much to his astonishment. Dejected he roams around in misery, drinking and getting down low. To an extent he finally mutters the courage to go up to a prostitute and finds Yamuna as the brothel!
How did she end up in such a rotten place? What happened to their love? Where did she disappear are the questions that form the rest of the story.
Whilst the director has tried his hand heavily to bring about an edge of the seat thriller, the film does end with a serious message which could have hit hard if presented well. The film lays in patches of below average direction with nothing make it to blend the movie together. Acting wise Sathya the debutant could pass away for a budding student, but has to improve in acting as some of the scenes are nothing but irritation from him. For an actor from Balumahendra School, he has a long way to run ahead.
Sriramya’s part and acting is the lone consolation in this movie as she shows signs of a matured actress in making. Chandrika’s character by Vinothini is an act worthy to mention. Neither the songs, nor cinematography captivate this slow paced movie, some oomph’s, chaotic screenplay and mediocre direction sum up this movie. Comfort can be taken in the two actresses acting and the message which was delivered frantically.

Directed by E. V. Ganeshbabu
Produced by S. Jaikarthik & Viruthai M. Pandi
Starring Sathya, Sri Ramya
Music by Elakkiyan
Cinematography Po. Chidambaram
Edited by B. Lenin
Production Sri Hari Balaji Movies
Distributed by SS studios
Release dates 7 June 2013
Country India
Language Tamil


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