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Yugi is a 2022 Indian bilingual murder mystery film directed by Zac Harris, shot in Tamil and Malayalam simultaneously, stars Kathir, Natty and Narain in the lead roles for the Tamil version, while Sharaf U Dheen and Joju George played the lead roles in the Malayalam version alongside Narain. It was released on 18 November 2022.
A detective, along with his team, goes in search of a missing girl. What follows are shocking revelations about Karthika, a girl who became the victim of power and economic exploitation.

Directed by Zac Harriss
Written by Packiaraj
Starring Kathir, Sharaf U Dheen, Narain, Natty, Joju George
Cinematography Pushparaj Santhosh
Edited by Jomin
Music by Ranjin Raj & Dawn Vincent
Production Juvis Productions
Release date 18 November 2022
Country India
Languages Tamil


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