zero tamil movie
zero tamil movie

Zero is a Indian Tamil-language fantasy horror movie written and directed by Arun. The film features Ashwin Kakumanu and Sshivada in the leading roles, while JD Chakravarthy plays a pivotal supporting role.
The movie starts off with the story of how the god created people and then it went on to the part where they show a newly wedded people moving in. But Bala’s (Ashwin Kakumanu) dad did not agree to this marriage because Priya’s (Sshivada ) mom has gone mad after she was pregnant and after Priya was born she was dead but Bala did agree to it.After they went to this store in Priya’s purse there was a pink lipstick which she did not stole she argued with the watch man and then she started to abuse the watch man. Then they went home and Bala found out that his dad was here and called priya but priya refused to come and told that he does not like her at all and went. After that a the lady that is in neighborhood asked why she is not going and priya told the story about her mother and how she does not have the luck to be pregnant.Later that night priya started to think about her mother and talk to her mother about how they called her a thief after she soon enters a world where her mother is . Then is the part where suspicious things starts to happpen and she gets sucked into the world and lilith starts to roam freely and almost killed bala. Then Bala started to search for a person who could help him because he sees ghost and after they finally met and he explained the situation and the person met up with lilith and after she touched he knew everything why she came and what she was going to do. He explained it to the priestand told it was impossible to defeat and they tried with other type of people then after when lilith was trying to choke bala he touched her and priya started to remember all the times they spent together and got unpossessed and when lilth was about to possess priya again god froze the world and gave the luck to priya to be pregnant.

Directed by Shiv Mohaa (Arun Kumar)
Produced by Balaji Kapa
Written by Shiv Mohaa (Arun Kumar)
Starring Ashwin Kakumanu, Sshivada, JD Chakravarthy
Music by Nivas K. Prasanna
Cinematography Babu Kumar
Edited by Sudharshan
Production Madhav Media
Distributed by Madhav Media & Blueocean Entertaiment
Release dates 25 March 2016
Country India
Language Tamil


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