Aahaa 1997
aahaa tamil movie

Aahaa (Eng: Wow!) is a 1997 Tamil family drama film directed by Suresh Krishna starring Rajiv Krishna and Sulekha in the lead roles. The film was a decent hit among Deepavali releases and ran for 100 days. Aahaa later remade in Telugu titled Aahaa starring Jagapathi Babu.
Parasuraman (Vijayakumar) is a rich businessman who lives with his wife Pattammal (Srividya), elder son Raghu (Raghuvaran), younger son Sriram (Rajiv Krishna), and a physically-challenged daughter. Raghu is more matured, and he assists his father in managing the business, while Sriram is a fun-loving person. Parasuraman hates Sriram’s careless attitude, and he keeps scolding him often for his irresponsible behavior. Rajeshwari (Bhanupriya) is the Raghu’s wife, and she is close to her family members.
Sriram falls in love with Janaki (Sulekha), daughter of Ganesan (Delhi Ganesh), a cook. Sriram gets Rajeshwari’s help to convince Parasuraman about his love. But Parasuraman does not accept his son’s love as Ganesan is from low societal status. One day, Sriram follows Raghu and comes to know about his relationship with Geetha (Sukanya). Sriram gets angered thinking that they are in illegitimate relationship. But Raghu tells a flashback that both he and Geetha were in love during college days, and suddenly Geetha went away without informing Raghu. After a few years Raghu got married to Rajeshwari, and recently, he got a call from Geetha. While meeting, Raghu got to know that Geetha was suffering from brain tumor, and that was the reason she decided to stay away from Raghu. As she approached her last days, Geetha requested Raghu to be near her during her death for which he accepted.
Sriram understands the situation and befriends Geetha. One day, Geetha’s condition gets serious, and Sriram rushes her to the hospital, as Raghu is away for a business meeting. Geetha dies in the hospital. Parasuraman spots Sriram along with Geetha while he took her to the hospital, misunderstands that Sriram is in relationship with another girl, and scolds him. Sriram accepts the blame as he does not want his brother’s marriage life to be spoiled by revealing the truth. Raghu thanks Sriram for taking care of all the formalities after Geetha’s death during his absence.
Parasuraman’s daughter’s wedding is fixed, and Raghu has to travel to Chidambaram on the day before the marriage for a business meeting. The train in which Raghu travels meets with an accident. Sriram gets the information and rushes to the railway station and is shocked to see Raghu’s name in the passengersā€™ death list. Sriram does not inform this to his family as he does not want his sister’s wedding to be cancelled because of this. Sriram hides the information and pretends to be happy in front of others. Meanwhile, everyone starts looking for Raghu as he is expected to return on the day of marriage. Sriram lies that Raghu’s meeting got extended, and he is unable to attend the wedding.
Parasuraman’s daughter’s wedding is done, and now Sriram informs about Raghu’s death to everyone. All the family members get shocked hearing this. To everyone’s surprise, Raghu suddenly comes alive to the wedding hall. Sriram inquires about the train accident to Raghu. Raghu informs that he missed boarding the train at the last minute, and he finally took a car, and luckily he was escaped from the accident. He apologizes to everyone as he did not inform about this to them, as he was busy with the meetings. Now, Parasuraman understands Sriram’s responsible behavior and affection towards his sister, as he does not want her wedding to be cancelled, and starts praising Sriram. Meanwhile, Raghu also informs the truth about his relationship with Geetha and clarifies that Sriram is no way connected to her. Raghu also apologizes to Rajeshwari for hiding the truth about Geetha which she forgives immediately. At the end, Sriram gets married to Janaki.

Directed by Suresh Krishna
Produced by R. Mohan
Written by Crazy Mohan(Dialogue)
Screenplay by Ananthu
Suresh Krishna
Story by Suresh Krishna
Starring Rajiv Krishna, Sulekha, Raghuvaran, Vijayakumar, Bhanupriya, Srividya, Sukanya
Music by Deva
Cinematography S. Saravanan
Edited by Suresh Urs
Production Shogun Films Ltd
Distributed by AP International
Release date 30 October 1997
Running time 162 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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