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Aayirathil Iruvar (English: Two in a thousand) is a 2017 Indian Tamil film written, directed and co-produced by Saran. The film features Vinay Rai in dual lead roles and three newcomers, Samuthrika, Swasthika and Kesha Khambhati, as the female leads, while the director’s regular composer Bharathwaj scores the music. The film was shot primarily in Thirunelveli while filming took also place in Hyderabad, Bangkok and Dubai. The film was said to be dealing with money laundering and hawala. The film which began production in 2012 went through production delays and released on 22 September 2017. It fared poorly at the box office.
Aayirathil Iruvar is enough to send one’s head spinning, for writer-director Saran fills it with so many subplots that it is quite a wonder that the film makes some sense. First, there is the conflict between Siamese twins Senthattikaalai and Sevathakaalai (Vinay), who are constantly at loggerheads and hate each other to the core. Next, there is the conflict between their father, Lingaraja and their relative Kotaisamy, (and his family), over their ancestral property, which shows no sign of ending. The death of the latter only adds fuel to it.
There is also a subplot involving Arundhati (Kajal Pasupathi), a politician’s mistress, and his benami Beemaraju (Pradeep Rawat), who has ‘saved’ the account number of his master’s Swiss bank account as a tattoo on his daughter, Bhumika’s (Swasthika) body. Then there is Mandhiramoorthy (Arul Doss), a faux-gangster, who is after Senthatti because the latter has labelled his now-dead father a thief. And another subplot deals with Neelaveni, the wife of the slain Kotaisamy, who is planning to get her revenge by marrying her brother, Inspector Thilak Prabhu to Senthatti’s lover Adhirshtamalar (Samuthrika).
If you have managed to keep up this far, let’s just say it all leads to scenes that have the twins switching places, and a climactic episode that is all about the confusion resulting because of mistaken identities.
Saran is no stranger to masala movies, having delivered hits like Gemini and Attagasam. Here, he takes up a plot that is a little similar to the latter, and goes all-out to make the film entertaining, but with actors who hardly have charm, it becomes difficult for us to bother with the convoluted plotlines.
The film also blatantly objectifies both its female leads (one is literally commodified) and even the other women characters like Urmila Naidu, a hawala operator for whom Sevathakaalai works as a conduit, who proudly keeps saying, “I’m a hacker; I’m a hooker”! The lecherous camera angles only make this sexploitation worse.
That said, some of the comedy, especially the Arul Doss portions, does work, and the nuttiness of the premise keeps things somewhat entertaining, but most of it feels been there seen that, and overlong.

Directed by Saran
Produced by Subha Saran & Sankar Krishnamoorthy
Written by Saran
Starring Vinay Rai, Samuthrika, Swasthika, Kesha Khambhati
Music by Bharathwaj
Cinematography Krishna Ramanan & Sathyan Sooryan
Edited by Kevin
Production Saran Movie Factory & Sankar K Praveen Films
Release date 22 September 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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